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Thread: Citizenship

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    Hi just got my british citizenship today. I want to bring my child over here he's now 16 years old studying. I understand i need to bring him here soon before he turns 18 yrs old. How to start applying for a visa for him?? does it means he will get british citizenship because his under 18?? please anyone who are on the simmilar situation please give advise. Thank you very much!

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    yes you need to get him here b4 he's 18, he must not be leading an independent life style, eg be working or married etc, you need to show you have sole responsibility for him.
    no he's not old enough to get British citizenship you have to be over 18 and met the requirements but under 18yr olds can register as british.

    but as he's over 16, he would probably have to be 2yrs in the uk, so he would be over 18 and therefore probably can not register as British but apply for citizenship, but that might mean he needs to be in the uk 5yrs !

    anyway he should be given ILE , get his visa first and take it from there

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