View Full Version : Bongbong Marcos Versus Leni Robredo: Dilly Dallying By Supreme Court

Arthur Little
15th July 2017, 01:39
http://manilastandard.net/opinion/columns/lowdown-by-jojo-robles/241727/the-way-forward.html ... :ReadIt:

:yeahthat:'s also my view!

Arthur Little
19th July 2017, 23:47


According to the ONLY link ^ I can find, the proposed [manual] re-count ISN'T expected to get underway for another few weeks yet - until mid-August - with the final outcome being declared by the end of September!

:icon_rolleyes: ... WHY the delay, for God's sake?

Michael Parnham
20th July 2017, 09:57
It's a very interesting read Arthur, whatever the outcome. :Erm:

Arthur Little
8th August 2017, 15:24

Can't help wondering whether this ensuing revelation, :cwm25: is likely to call the Chairman of the COMELEC's integrity into question?

:poke: ... notably over his (mis)handling of last year's Vice Presidential Election.

Time will tell ... :anerikke: ... I suppose.

Arthur Little
31st March 2018, 22:29
Hopefully, :pray: ... at LAST; NOT before time, :doh!


Arthur Little
11th April 2018, 20:25
:reaction: ... http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/04/03/18/4-revisors-in-marcos-robredo-vote-recount-quit

Concern, yes ... surprise, :NoNo:

:nono-1-1: Amazing :cwm24: what can be achieved with a few (not inconsiderable) backhanders :REGamblMoney01HL1: in buff coloured envelopes passed "under the table" as an incentive to further~hindering proceedings. :wink:

It just shows how fearful those pesky 'Yellows' ARE, truth will out!

Arthur Little
15th April 2018, 16:07
Hmm ... interesting. :xxgrinning--00xx3:

Refer: www.manilastandard.net/news/top-stories/263142/pet-denies-leni-s-plea-on-shading-limit.html