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30th March 2017, 16:24
It seems to me there are so many place to shop for bargains when you arrive to Manila.

My limited experience so far tells me that the top three are:-
- Divisoria
- Tutuban
- Greenhills

Divisoria is just so well know that it has to on the list of any first time visitor

Tutuban is so close to Divisoria, location wise, it's almost a clone.

For me Greenhills take the number one slot.
It's better organised. Although that doesn't mean less crowded. Well unless you know the best times to go.
Plus it has so many great places to eat.
Means Tong Yang all you can eat buffet and all you can can drink San Mig Draft.

All are these places are readily available for a visit at low cost.

Now there also Binondo which offers good shopping and excellent eating as well as being a great tourist destination.
It's bascially the site of the oldest Chinatown on then planet and it's all there right on the way to Divisoria and Tutuban by Jeepney or Train.

Just my 2 centavos

30th March 2017, 19:14
I've been to all of those places but the best one is Greenhills. It is clean,organised. I think everything is in one roof. In my own experience when I went in divisoria, the vendors are everywhere. But now that Duterte asked the officials in that place to make the place organised and clean so I don't know where is their location. There are lots of pickpockets there that is why we placed our bags or wallets on our front pockets.
But if you are looking for bargains, it will be definitely in divisoria. The stalls in Binondo,they just get their supply from divisoria when they buy at a wholesale price. The last time I shopped on those shops was 2005 when I was still in uni. But all in all is have a nice day when you get to those places and always take care.