View Full Version : North Cotobato Provincial Governor Indicted For Graft

Arthur Little
9th April 2016, 02:53
Well, well, well!

North Cotobato Governor, Emmylou Talino Mendoza is set to appear for trial on charges of procuring provincial funds to buy diesel from her mother's filling station.

www.rappler.com/nation/128678 ...:ReadIt:

Although a separate issue to last week's Kidapawan riots, Mendoza also faces allegations of neglecting farmers' demands for food and aid, following months of severe drought conditions ... thereby sparking the fracas.


Aye, missus :poke: ... "be sure your sins will find you out"! :doh

Arthur Little
9th April 2016, 14:10
Here, also, :readingpapers: ... is some further [hopefully, unbiased] reportage from the Manila Times: