View Full Version : Bone Of Contention Over Kennel Club Proposals To Register Popular Dogs

Arthur Little
29th November 2015, 09:30
Bow~WOW! :cwm24:


:yeahthat:'s enough to make breeders cross. :cwm23:

After 150 years? :shehumper: ... quite a pedigree! :biggrin: ... Grr...... :ReadIt: ... if you want t' ken all that's being planned.

Are the woofters :animal-smiley-037: running scared, or simply barking :mad:?

30th November 2015, 23:42
Anyone remember when Afghan Hounds were all the rage ?

How many do you see now ?

To be honest, I don't have a lot of time for those posing prancing prats parading around the ring with their pampered pedigree pooches. :NoNo:

Can't beat a healthy and happy little mongrel, or my personal favourite... a Border Collie (a breed that wasn't recognised by the sniffy Kennel Club snobs until very recent times).