View Full Version : Bantayan Island, Cebu

5th November 2015, 20:27
...a must-visit paradise in Cebu.

Read more: http://magazine.tripzilla.com/bantayan-island-cebu-travel-guide/24594 (http://magazine.tripzilla.com/bantayan-island-cebu-travel-guide/24594)


Ako Si Jamie
21st December 2015, 10:16
I was here for four days and while it may be photogenic it's only really suited to those who enjoy a peaceful time lounging about on the beach all day as there is very little to do. The sand and the beaches are nice but if you like swimming like me, you'll be disappointed as the crystal clear water that extends a good way out is very shallow and only suitable for bathing. Best to book a resort with a swimming pool if you decide on visiting as it's a five hour journey from the nearest airport at Cebu.