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15th September 2015, 17:14
A short video (of prayer) of Negros. :xxgrinning--00xx3:


Michael Parnham
16th September 2015, 07:33
Great video Rayna, most of the content I'm very familiar with, nice memories. Some great video's on the Vimeo website.:xxgrinning--00xx3:

Ako Si Jamie
21st December 2015, 10:35
Negros Oriental is one of my favourite provinces. I love Dumaguete and the scenery just outside in Valencia. Apo Island is a nice trip and a wet one too. :icon_lol:

22nd December 2015, 12:03
I nearly bought a house years ago cheap as chips on the seafront at dumaguete,near the whynot,best place on negros for a little adventure is kanlaon volcano,get a local guide to take you up.