View Full Version : Juliana Palermo serves delicious food in Davao

26th May 2015, 06:53
Who is Juliana Palermo? This is Juliana Palermo:


A 29 year-old, 5'7" tall actress from Davao whose film credits include Panaghóy sa subâ: The Call of the River (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0422909?ref_=nmbio_mbio) (2004), Kaleldo (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0757898?ref_=nmbio_mbio) (2006) and Barang (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0877584?ref_=nmbio_mbio) (2006), her income from which helped to support her blind and autistic younger brother. She has also appeared in a number of ABS-CBN TV shows including OK, Fine, Whatever. Last year she traded acting and photo shoots for running her own restaurant back in her home town at the junction of Circumferential Road and Mabini Street. It opened in time for the festive season.

J Palermo's Diner is no bigger than the average sitting room and accommodates just about twenty diners at its small round tables for two. In this same space, Juliana also prepares and presents the dishes herself assisted by a couple of wait staff. I was a bit surprised to find that the UK's current craze of serving food on anything but plates in chic restaurants has spread to Davao - the Cured Salmon Salad is served on a wooden cheese board:


And very tasty it was too! I would never have thought to partner smoked salmon with German mustard but it works! I had Beef Bourguignon as my main course and it was served in and eaten from a casserole. It too was delicious but unfortunately it really needed a red wine reduction to bring out the flavours.

My nephew had a burger:


That too was served on a wooden board and the stack held together with a knife.

We forsook puds but could have chosen between Apple Crumble, Fried Ice-Cream or Pannacotta. Beer, wine (by the glass or bottle) and a range of soft drinks are available as is a concoction called Palermojita, a lemon infusion with white rum.

The menu is by no means vast but the service, food presentation and taste are all first class. Price-wise a couple would spend less and eat better here than at either of the city's (so-called) four star hotels or almost anywhere else in Davao.

Unlike many of her former profession, Juliana is not at all pretentious and when she's not working on a food order, she is very happy to chat with her guests and pose for photos with them.