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20th May 2015, 14:04
My husband and I are heading home in June as a surprise for his cousins wedding. His cousin got his fiancÚ pregnant and now there must be a (very fancy) wedding as she is the daughter of some politician :doh Anyway....the wedding will be in Bataan at the heritage village. Does anyone know anything about it or has anyone been? Perhaps you have some recommendations in the area for the day after the wedding?
Thanks guys :)

20th May 2015, 14:36
I've been to Bataan in the past (one of my friends live there). We went to some beach resort there and visited Mt. Samat. We went to see the Shrine of Valor or Dambana ng Kagitingan. Although you have to do a lot of walk going up where the white cross is. You can also go up at the top of the cross (see where I'm sitting by the circular window).


20th May 2015, 14:38
Here's one site you can probably check for other things to do in Bataan: http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Asia/Philippines/Province_of_Bataan/Things_To_Do-Province_of_Bataan-TG-C-1.html

20th May 2015, 14:41
Thanks so much Rayna and thank you for sharing your pictures. I am looking forward to it now :biggrin:

20th May 2015, 15:09
His cousin got his fiancÚ pregnant and now there must be a (very fancy) wedding as she is the daughter of some politician :doh

The politico sounds very fair minded I guess it could have ended up rather unpleasantly :biggrin:

20th May 2015, 17:02
I'm still waiting for the posse from Mercedes' family. :cwm25:


21st May 2015, 10:43
You are right Ded I suppose they could have reacted much more unpleasantly however they have insisted on the venue and number of guest but will not contribute to the cost so our Tito is almost bankrupting himself so as not to lose face. All the family are stepping in to help because he was very good to his nieces and nephews for schooling but really if the politician wants an extravagant affair they should be willing to contribute something. It takes two to tango you know! It is not only the groom-to-be's fault!

Ako Si Jamie
21st May 2015, 22:06
I've been to Morong in the north which is just south of Olongapo.

Corregidor Island is famous for its WWII history and it's to the south of Bataan. I think you can get a boat there from Mariveles. Also you can get a ferry from Manila to Mariveles should you be heading towards that part of the province which will half the distance in comparison with land travel. If you like beaches, there's the Camaya Coast (below).


22nd May 2015, 09:36
Thanks Jamie, I will have a look into some of your suggestions.

Ako Si Jamie
25th May 2015, 00:03
Thanks Jamie, I will have a look into some of your suggestions.No problem Abigail. If you're close to Zambales and have a couple of days spare, I'd strongly suggest going there if you like scenery. It's beautiful on a sunny day.