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Arthur Little
14th February 2015, 02:26
Passports for dogs? :cwm24: Whoever heard the like? :icon_rolleyes: Me ... following a surprise visit from my daughter & son-in-law, yesterday. Yes ... they're planning to take their caravan over on the ferry from Stranraer to Larne, during the schools' summer break. And to make the most of their trip, it is their intention to venture south into the Irish Republic ... thus necessitating passports. Not for them, I hasten to add, :nono-1-1: ... nor for the children - ('scuse pun, I 'kid' you not!) But for their two young puppies :puppykisses: :animal-smiley-037: purchased relatively recently.

Apparently the animals are injected with a microchip of some sort that acts as a safeguard against rabies ... thereby negating the need for them to be quarantined.

So ... :anerikke: ... I'm learning something new every day!

14th February 2015, 15:21
Here's the info about such: :xxgrinning--00xx3: