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5th February 2015, 19:15
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Each country has a nationwide organization which establishes disaster relief programs and preparedness should mainstream natural catastrophe trike the country. In the Philippines, they have the Philippine Red Cross. While the name of the organization is known to many Filipinos, some are still unaware what does the Philippine Red Cross do?

The organization sends out response teams to the affected site/s after being struck by a certain natural disaster, and check which areas (city, town, poblacion, and/or barangay) are severely damaged. After assessing the worst damaged areas, these are immediately a top priority places where relief goods should be sent out first. But it does not mean other affected areas are neglected.
The Philippine Red Cross organization accepts volunteers to help with the people who are affected and can work with professional response teams as well. But please take note that they do not pay volunteers for their work. That would be contradictory.
The organization provides training to Red Cross personnel as well as the volunteers. With the Philippines experiencing an average of 20 typhoons per year, the Philippine Red Cross personnel must be ready to adapt to any kind of situation they are in. The people involved in relief operations and rescue response teams have been through a lot of extensive experiences. So there is no doubt that each personnel will fall short when it comes to providing help to those in need.
The organization provides evacuation centers and gives food, shelter, and health service to people in the affected areas. The Red cross is prepared to react to certain dangerous situations, reunite individuals with their families, and help the community to get back up on their feet.
The Philippine Red Cross does not only focus on disaster reliefs, but is also blood bank. The organization provides blood donating services which makes it the country’s largest blood bank. Donating your blood can change someone’s life in a any possible way you can imagine. Donate blood, and you might just save a life!
The organization can also help volunteers to host for a blood drive. Also, the Philippine Red Cross accepts any type of donations from the rest of the country and the world. They also provide fundraising events and accept sponsors to financially aid the people who are in need.

Bottom line: The Philippine Red Cross Organization responds to multiple disasters. Be it typhoons or volcanic eruptions, the Philippine Red Cross will surely be ready to work together and reach out to those who are in need during catastrophic times. Their sole purpose is to make people who are affected by disaster feel that they are not alone. Helping others is not just about donating money or donating your blood. There are other ways to support the Philippine Red Cross by means of volunteering and getting involved in their program (health service training, risk management, shelter, relief, etc.). Many lives have been changed by just this organization. Then how much more can be changed if each and every one of us becomes an advocate?

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