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25th January 2015, 13:31

Filipinos are avid rice eaters and they are not likely to skip Almusal (Breakfast) without such. There are a lot of Filipino breakfasts, but here are some of the classic Filipino breakfasts served since the early times.


Tuyo is made of salted and dried fish. The fish is fried and may be combined with sunny side-up. The fish is eaten with white rice or garlic fried rice (sinangag). Tuyo is dipped in soy sauce with chili (optional) and a hint of calamansi or lemon juice.


This is pretty much three types of food combined into one name. This is just one of the many famous "silog" recipes. It consists of Tocino (marinated pork or chicken), sinangag (fried rice), and Itlog (fried egg). You can partner it with water, juice drinks, or black coffee.

Rice and Longganisa

Longganisa is a marinated sausage that tastes very differently than Western Sausages! Longganisas can be skinless or not, whichever you prefer. There are types of longganisas, namely; chicken, pork, or beef. This viand is served with rice. Longganisa is dipped in vinegar-garlic sauce.

Pan de Sal

Of course, the classic of the classics! Vendors sell Pan de Sal before the sun rises to make sure it's still hot and fresh!This has always been a favorite! Served with kesong puti (white cheese) or any type of sandwich spread, hot cocoa, coffee, or juice.


This is milkfish de-boned, cut in half, and marinated overnight with soy sauce and spices. Everyone can do it at home! Daing is fried and served with sinangag.

Dilis, tortang Ampalaya, and itlog na maalat

A complete breakfast! Tortang ampalaaya consists of Bitter gourd chopped into thin pieces and beaten with egg. So it pretty much looks like a scrambled egg, but with ampalaya. Dilis are fried small fishes dipped in vinegar. As for the itlog na maalat (salted egg), it can be mixed with cucumbers, dilis, tomatoes, onions, and vinegar -- like a salad. All this served with steamed rice or fried rice. What more could you ask for?

Corned Beef

Simply buy a can of corned beef and cook it with red onions and potatoes (optional) then serve with rice. Breakfast time!! Corned beef can also be whipped with beaten eggs to make a corned beef omelette.

Hotdogs and more hotdogs!

No kid can ever resist this. Filipinos prefer locally made hot dogs which are red in color. Kids love these! You can dip it in ketchup with mayonnaise and mustard. You can also eat it without rice. Since hot dogs are processed food and do not give complete nutrition, it may be best to serve this moderately to the kids.


This consists of beef tapa, fried garlic rice and fried egg. It is one of the oldest breakfast meals for Filipinos.

Pork Chop

Breaded or not, Pork chops are a Filipino favorite. Pork chops can also be grilled on charcoal and mixed with sliced cucumbers, garlic, red onions, and other spices plus vinegar make a “salad”. Serve with rice.

Filipinos sure are fond of combining different types of foods into one meal. These meals will surely appease your hungry appetite!

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Being here a few weeks it seems like anything goes for breakfast

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I :heartshape1: everything on that list!!! :hubbahubba::hubbahubba::hubbahubba:

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I :heartshape1: everything on that list!!! :hubbahubba::hubbahubba::hubbahubba:

I don,t like anything on the list, lol

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I don,t like anything on the list, lol

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:icon_lol: Ditto :xxgrinning--00xx3:

Give me Sugar Puffs :Rasp::action-smiley-081::Sex::cwm24:

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Ako Si Jamie
28th January 2015, 00:04
I got used to eating rice in the morning after a while, although I still can't stomach garlic rice or the smell at that time of day. Some hotels offer toast but they don't like to advertise it. :wink:

Arthur Little
28th January 2015, 03:01
I got used to eating rice in the morning after a while, although I still can't stomach garlic rice or the smell at that time of day.

Likewise ... I'm not keen on the smell of garlic at any time of day. But at least the odour's not so pungent as the dreaded dried fish. Yeuch! :vomit-smiley-011:

Arthur Little
28th January 2015, 03:20
Some hotels offer toast but they don't like to advertise it. :wink:

:olddude: ... Methinks I'll stick to the toast thank you very much. :biggrin: Bland as it may be ... it's a MASSIVE improvement on stinky garlic bread!