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19th January 2015, 17:01
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Thailand offers many of the most amazing beaches on the planet. For those that have traveled there they know that the beauty of this untouched area makes for some of the very best getaways on the planet. This is in conjunction with the large amount of historic traditions that abounds the country and there is never ever a shortage of activities to do within this nation. Since a lot of this area is unblemished by development you will discover that relaxation and quiet living is more than feasible. The reaches of the developers haven’t got this far and this ensures that you will definitely get the very best within the holiday market, particularly when it comes to the Thailand beach locations.

Khao Lak is a fantastic Thailand beach (http://filipinaroses.com/ideas-and-recommendations-when-flying-to-fantastic-asia/). Only a brief drive from the air terminal, this particular haven gives a remote getaway place like no other. Thanks to the area being largely uninhabited, there is a rich rain forest nearby along with a whole host of wildlife to be viewed. The water remains warm in the November through December months and the fishing and scuba diving is out of this world.

Phuket Thailand Beach is another fantastic spot. Enjoy this resort from November through March. There is more than enough to do. It is a little more crowded than other beaches as this place thrives on the tourism dollars that it brings in. The scuba diving is top notch in this region and you'll also discover some of the warmest best clear seawater on earth. There are numerous local points of interest to help keep one occupied for a number of days.

Phi Don Thailand beach is one of a kind. Originally a remote and virtually undiscovered location, this Thailand beach came to life when Hollywood arrived and shot a movie there. It is now regarded as being one of the most widely used beaches within the whole country and is used by many celebs. It is a place you will not wish to overlook, because the landscapes are amazing and the water warm and appealing.

West Raily Thailand beach (http://filipinaroses.com/ideas-and-recommendations-when-flying-to-fantastic-asia/) is one of several undiscovered regions. There is certainly little that is expensive and one can stay at the resort for over a week and barely tap the budget. The sands are milky white and the water clear. Scuba diving is extremely popular here along with the sport fishing. This spot is only reachable by long tail boat, therefore plan for a lengthy journey.
Best Beaches In Thailand
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19th January 2015, 17:26
Chaweng beach Koh Samui for me...:xxgrinning--00xx3:

19th January 2015, 18:02
Phuket had everything for me.

19th January 2015, 19:29
Yes Les, nice place just a bit too commercial for me and that was in 1988....

19th January 2015, 19:44
I stayed at a great hotel just 10 mins from the hustle and bustle so was able to enjoy peace and quiet then go wild on a night, being the party animal I am :icon_lol:

19th January 2015, 19:56
Yes those round open bars are something else, we used to stay right at the end of the beach past the Holiday Inn in a small family hotel.....:biggrin:

19th January 2015, 20:00
I stayed at the Amari Beach Hotel - fantastic hotel - best I have ever been to! :xxgrinning--00xx3:

19th January 2015, 20:09
I stayed at a great hotel just 10 mins from the hustle and bustle so was able to enjoy peace and quiet then go wild on a night, being the party animal I am :icon_lol:

Les, I trust that you kept your decorum and didn't participate in a game of ping pong in the bars at Patong Beach ........ what naughty "ladies" they are! :yikes: :icon_lol:

19th January 2015, 20:10
My girlfriend wanted to go in but I bottled it lol:yikes: