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6th November 2014, 09:27
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What are the things that I need to consider in choosing a good travel agency? That is the most frequent question that a traveller in the Philippines usually asks. The most crucial part is in choosing a good travel agency and determining what it offers to make your travel experience worthwhile. A travel agency is an authorized institution to sell tickets on behalf of the airline. They can also make arrangements for hotels, cruises, guided tours and travel insurance, or in some instances there are tour packages available. Here are general guidelines that will provide traveller's tips when using a travel agency in the Philippines.

Find your destination. Think of where you want to go and what you want to experience, including the travelling. Most of the travel agencies in the Philippines offers tour packages aside from the travel itself. So it is better to finalize your destination before making a move to contact any travel agency.
Search for an authorized travel agency that fits your needs and budget. Consider agencies that suit your needs and financial plan. You can search online and visit websites, or you can go personally to any travel agency outlet. In searching online, check some reviews or feedback on a travel agency of your choice to verify its validity and for you to know how well this agency provides quality service.
Be specific on what you want to include in your fare. Most travel agencies assume passengers are after the lowest fare, which comes with more restrictions. So it is much better if you know beforehand the inclusions for the amount you will be paying.

Check the availability of the packages. Some of the packages that a travel agency offers are fully booked or available only for limited people, so check. They usually offer packages for the customer to think that they are providing a cheaper rate than any other travel agency. Make a clear and concise view of the inclusions of the package and think if the amount is worth spending.
Finalize everything and manage your booking. You can ask advice from a friend experienced in booking a trip so that you have an idea of what’s the best package a travel agency can offer. Then you can finalize everything ready to communicate with the travel agent.
Read their policy before committing a purchase. You need to know the scope and conditions a travel agency is responsible for. This pertains to the fare conditions or any travel services included in a package you have chosen.
Check e-ticket itinerary receipt first before handing payment if possible. Unlike a basic itinerary, it should have printed details about the fare paid, fare condition, baggage allowance and your rights under the various international laws in case something happens to your flight.
Everything is all set. Now you’re good to go, then you need to prepare yourself for the a wonderful travelling experience.

Thus, in choosing a good travel agency you need to consider the reliability and validity of the said agency, that includes feedback of the past clients, number of clients, and the services they extend. Travelling is more safe and fun when you trust your partner agency, and that will bring a great joy and a one of a kind travel experience.

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