View Full Version : What Kind Of Work Do Overseas Filipino Workers Do?

21st October 2014, 09:14

Recently, Overseas Filipino Workers are considered as our modern hero. They made sacrifices for the welfare of their family in the Philippines. They live in a place they are not familiar with to offer their service to other people. These are some of the occupations that most Filipino Workers do abroad.

Domestic Helper. This is common to those Filipino whose qualification cannot pass to a skilled standard. They become a helper of a family, a nanny or assigned to different chores. With this kind of job, for some, they can be subjected to physical or mental abuse. But it’s just rare cases, as most governments are strict on employers.
Nurse. Staff employment rates abroad are quite high due to a shortage of skilled professionals. That’s the reason why nursing courses and nurses are in demand.
Seaman. Filipinos are known for their skills and hard work. We could not deny the fact that most of our men, or even women, conquer the world to gain a better future for their family. Years of work are nothing after seeing the fulfillment of their goals.
Hotel and Restaurant Staff. As its nature that a Filipino has a great smile, especially when facing other people and being very hospitable, those are the traits that every hotel and restaurant owners seek.
Factory Workers. Most of the factory workers are in Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Even they are not fluent in the country’s language, they are still striving to get the job along with the benefits.
Construction Workers and Laborer. The most in demand in a progressive country. They hire Filipino’s because of their determination and the quality of work done.
A Tutor. Filipinos are good in spoken English. Families abroad prefer a Filipino tutor. Some apply for an au-pair an exchange culture program of another country. It can be classified as work since you are compensated.

There are underlying reasons why until now there are Filipinos dreaming to work abroad. One main reason is that they want to raise the financial status of their family and the possibility to be a citizen in that particular country.

One of the great culture of being a Filipino is the “Close Family Ties” where in OFW finds it very hard to family. Although they are far apart, they are still close to one’s heart.