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16th October 2014, 17:28
The perfect-cone shaped Mayon volcano makes you amazed by its brilliant greatness. Simply breathtaking! You will be fascinated with how it captures the sunlight that makes it glisten like crystals. Seeing clouds roll in and engulfing the mountain is wonderful. However, your visit will never be complete if you missed to do some of these things:

Take time to witness its greatness. Wishing to see the beauty of this volcano at its fullest? Then set your alarm. You will be mesmerized to see its captivating beauty during dawn, wherein there are no clouds passing by. Viewing during the daytime, it may be more beautiful along with the surrounding places. You have also an option to see it from the sky or from a simple balcony, either of the two make it feels like nothing else on earth.

Capturing unforgettable moments. The best way to reminisce beautiful memories is through having documentation. Take some pictures! You will never stop taking pictures with this astonishing scenery. You can take a tour with trained tour guides who know the best positions for picture taking.

Be relaxed. If you are an artist and you want a relaxing place to draw or paint. You can stay at the safest part of the volcano doing what you love, painting! You can also bring your whole family for a picnic. There you can feel the refreshing air while having a moment together with your love ones. Visit a museum like Cagsawa where you can explore the culture of the locals.

Want something more adventurous, try this. Having a walk with your friend is best during the morning. You can walk on a trail with the tourist guide assigned to you. Tourism guides at Mayon offer a variety of fun and exciting activities. They offer race riding on an ATV at the foot of Mayon. ATV riding is the most recommended activities for anyone who wants to experience off-road adventure. In fact, Hollywood Actor Zac Efron already experienced this adventure. Aside from that, you can also try to ride a zip line from the volcano’s foot to the lower elevation.

Nothing can be as perfect as this volcano. It’s a great site and fun place to be, with a lot of thrilling experiences to offer. People would fall in love with this amazing work of nature.

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16th October 2014, 20:03
I have fallen in love with this place too, simply amazing :xxgrinning--00xx3:

16th October 2014, 23:06
Walk on hot coals ? :Erm:

Go out and get thoroughly lava'd ? :Cuckoo:

16th October 2014, 23:10
I have fallen in love with this place too, simply amazing :xxgrinning--00xx3:

I know it could be dangerous but it would be a wonderful photo opportunity

16th October 2014, 23:26
Run away from it

17th October 2014, 08:15
I'd like to take a helicopter trip around the crater. That is the only way I could get near it.

17th October 2014, 19:24
I know it could be dangerous but it would be a wonderful photo opportunity

I do intend to get back there and take lots of pictures sooner rather than later! :xxgrinning--00xx3:

Ako Si Jamie
19th October 2014, 10:57
Summit of Mayon


Ako Si Jamie
19th October 2014, 10:59
Documentary about Mayon


19th October 2014, 11:40
The first time I've been there, April 2010 :xxgrinning--00xx3:...although I really wasn't able to get near Mayon because I had to go home a day early due to an urgent work, so wasn't able to join my friends who went there. :thumbsdown: