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24th September 2014, 08:55
The Philippines has been known for its hospitality, beautiful beaches and warm and friendly people. It is the only English speaking country in Asia. You can experience a high quality standard of living for a very low cost. If you are planning to settle down in the Philippines, here are some tips to make your stay a great one.

Culture Shock

Filipino people are so frank and observant. They may openly comment on your appearance in ways that Americans don’t (e.g. “wow, you are fat!” You are SO tall! “your feet is huge!”) This may sometimes be accompanied with pokes and pinches. This is observational and nothing mean is meant by it. The Philippines is a country that, right or wrong, aesthetically prizes light skin and European noses, so it's not uncommon for young women to come up to just start stroking their cheeks. Nothing untoward is meant by it, and it's actually a complement.

Learn Tagalog

In the Philippines, English is one of the official languages. The other is Filipino (sometimes referred to as Tagalog). There are also many regional dialects. It is well worth learning a little Tagalog not that it is necessary to use it all day every day, but, as always, it's polite to your hosts and for you not to be out of place. Filipinos are really fond of foreigners speaking Filipino.

Foreigners Cannot Own Land in the Philippines

Be advised that foreigners are not allowed to own property in the Philippines. You can buy a condo, but someone else owns the land and you are at their mercy in that type of sale. If you are married to a Filipino/ Filipina then you can buy a place in his/her name.

Cost of Living in the Philippines

Make sure that you have some savings so that you can live on your own without a job, or without relying on someone for at least a year. A budget of $1000 a month will be a good start, depending on your lifestyle and area where you want to live. Standard of living in the Philippines depends on the location where you want to stay. If you go to the countryside, $1,000.00 could give you a comfortable life.

Job Opportunities in the Philippines

There are a lot of call centers, English institutes, especially in Metro Manila, Baguio, and Cebu. There are tons of opportunities available, depending on your expertise. Most people find jobs or work through making contacts with friends, relatives and co-workers.

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