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20th September 2014, 20:28
Filipinos love to eat, which makes them food lovers. Filipino people are also good at cooking, and some well known chefs and cooks worldwide are Filipinos. If you are going to visit the Philippines, one great experience would be the opportunity to taste their different delicacies and food especially sea foods. Here is the list of some of the famous Philippine fish dishes which Filipinos really love.

Cream Dory in Sweet Soy Sauce is a simple and quick fish dish that consists of cream dory cooked in sweet soy sauce made of soy sauce, oyster sauce, cornstarch and sugar. This can be served together with steamed rice.

Baked Pesto Cream Dory is another simple and easy dish. This dish consists of dory fillets baked in a blend of pesto sauce, oyster sauce, and cayenne pepper.

Kinilaw na Dilis is another variety of raw fish salad made of fresh anchovies fillet mixed with vinegar, chili, onion, ginger, calamansi juice, salt and pepper. This dish is another Filipino delicacy and usually served as appetizer or pulutan. Make sure it is fresh because the taste of kinilaw depends on the freshness of the fish.

Paksiw na Dilis or anchovies is another quick and easy fish dish by Filipinos. The procedure is similar to other paksiw. Normally the fish and vegetables are cooked in a blend of vinegar and some spices like garlic, onion and ginger. Then covered and simmered for 10 minutes or until done.

Pinais na Bangus is another simple and easy native dish. The fish is usually stuffed with tomatoes, onions, and ginger and wrapped in banana leaves. Then it is also cooked together with kamias or tamarind together with other vegetables.

Relyenong Bangus or Stuffed Milkfish is one of the most delicious and popular Filipino dishes. This dish is considered as a special dish because it requires a lot of patience, effort and time. The fish meat sautéed and then cooked with other ingredients and seasonings. The milkfish skin is stuffed with a meat mixture until it resembles its original shape, then fry until golden brown.

Fish Menudo(maya-maya) is another variety of mouth-watering tomato-based dish. The fish should be boiled in vinegar with salt to get rid of the fishy smell and taste. Then drained and cooked in tomato sauce together with potatoes, carrots and other vegetables.

Sinigang na Danggit or Stewed Rabbitfish is another simple and easy Filipino dish. The procedure is similar to other stews, normally the fish cooked in a combination of onions, tomatoes, vegetables and tamarind soup which gives a sour taste.

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21st September 2014, 05:07
So Keith, whats your favourite from the above choices? If you haven't tried it, i'm sure you would love the Kinilaw na dilis :NoNo:

Never understood why people like Dory fish, as its tasteless.

Right im off to fry some Tilapia that i found flapping around on the flooded road near Bay on Friday.

Michael Parnham
21st September 2014, 07:08
I like Kippers! :xxgrinning--00xx3:

21st September 2014, 07:20
Nearly all their fish are as bony as hell, which puts me off eating fish dishes here. And as for dory (catfish) when you see the conditions they are kept and bred in, you would,nt eat another one lol. The only fish I actually enjoyed with hardly any bones was the lapu lapu fish.

21st September 2014, 08:36
The local fish they catch is full of bones, but it's the Philippine sauces I don't like. No comparison to the Chinese or Malay ones. Even the tinned tuna doesn't taste like tuna :Erm:

21st September 2014, 09:39
.......The only fish I actually enjoyed with hardly any bones was the lapu lapu fish .


One of my favourites :xxgrinning--00xx3: