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7th September 2014, 17:17
Having a vacation is a splendid thing, especially when you are going to have it in the Philippines. Before you know it, it will be your last day of your vacation in the Philippines. If that is so, then you have to go to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), which operates most of international flights in the Philippines.
To have a hassle free trip going back home from the unforgettable experience here in the Philippines, here are some tips when departing at NAIA Manila which will surely make your trip more pleasurable.
Tip # 1 – Be early. Better get yourself moving to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) at least two to four hours before the time of your flight. This is to avoid the delay caused by heavy traffic, because you may end up in a traffic jam when you are on your way to the airport.
Tip # 2 – Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. In NAIA, you have to take off your shoes. This is their standard security procedure, so you have to wear your most comfortable and easy to remove shoes. Make sure all your jewelries are inside your bag before you proceed to scanning immigration.
Tip # 3 – Be patient. When you arrive at NAIA, you will probably see long lines of people that are waiting to get inside the Terminal. So, look for those entrances which have lesser number of people.
Tip # 4 – Security check. Keep your flight ticket and passport handy for the security check to go smoothly and to avoid delays.
Tip # 5 – Have extra cash ready. Prepare at least 1000 pesos spare cash to pay the airport tax. You have to pay the airport tax or else you will not be allowed to have your flight.
Tip # 6 – Fill out your Departure card. If you do not have it yet, you can get it inside the airport or near the passport control just right after you paid for your airport tax.
Tip # 7 – Have a souvenir. You can find many things inside the airport that will surely entertain you, while you wait. There is also a play area for children to avoid boredom while waiting for your flights. They have souvenir shops which have affordable prices. You can ask for assistance from the employees on the whereabouts of these shops.
Tip # 8 – Finally, have your passport and tickets in easy reach since you will be asked to show them at some point for security purposes.
You are now ready to board... ENJOY and have a SAFE flight!
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7th September 2014, 19:09
I never had to take off my shoes.

No queuing to get in the terminal, just once inside to check in.

Guess I was lucky :icon_lol:

Ako Si Jamie
7th September 2014, 19:18
I've had to takes my shoes off on one occasion. Got weighed once too but that was in the domestic terminal.

7th September 2014, 19:19
I always leave my shoes on ... but take everything else off :xxgrinning--00xx3:

Ako Si Jamie
7th September 2014, 19:21
Tip # 9 Check your change at the airport tax booth! :icon_lol: