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7th September 2014, 17:06
Philippines is an archipelago. It is composed of 7,107 islands. Its capital city is Manila. When are having your vacation in the Philippines, even just in its capital city, you can do a lot of things even just in one day. Let us have a list of the different exciting things you can do during your visit in the capital city of the Philippines.
Visit the historical area of Philippines’ National hero. Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines. The area you can visit where the Rizal monument is located is called the Luneta Park, or sometimes referred to as Rizal Park. This is the place where Rizal has been exiled and killed. This iconic park has become a tourist spot. It has been the site of many public executions during the Spanish era.
Ride on a Jeepney. There are many modes of transportation in Manila. But the very famous one is the PUJ or the public utility jeepney. You may see buses and trains in many places on earth, but it is only in the Philippines that you will experience a public ride in a Jeepney. This is a unique type of public transportation where you have to pass your fare along until it reaches the driver and say “para” to tell the driver that you are going to get off the jeepney. This is a unique and exciting experience for foreigners.
Appreciate the beauty of the sunset in Manila Bay. The sunset in Manila Bay is one of the most common tourist attractions in Manila. You can enjoy the view with your love one. Watching the sunset is romantic, and this will make your experience more memorable while enjoying your dinner on a cruise ship, or you can rent a yacht.
Visit different historical churches. Philippines is one of the largest Catholic countries in the world. In Manila, you can visit a number of various churches. Some of the most popular churches in Manila are the Baclaran church, San Sebastian Church, Quiapo Church, San Agustin Church, and the Manila Cathedral.
Have a delicious food trip in Binondo. In Binondo, you will find a place where most Chinese do their business. It is called the Chinatown in Manila. There you will find an array of restaurants that serve affordable, delicious foods and mouth-watering dim sum. You can have a walk in Chinatown as walking tours are available to help you get around the area.
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