View Full Version : Need help for fast food suppliers info pls

24th July 2014, 21:40
HELLO GUYS.... I hope everyones doing well In Philippines and UK... Inspite of too many tragedy things happenings all over the world including Gaza and the newest Plane Crash in Ukraine... May we all offer our own silent prayer..

Good Guys fellow forumers... does anyone here know a trust worthy reliable suppliers for, FAST FOOD TISSUE WITH OR WITHOUT CUSTOMISED, FOOD PACKAGINF, PLASTIC FORK SPOON, CHICKEN , AND DRINKS, IN PHILIPPINES..

I already have some reference here and will contact them not long now.But still want to give a go here in the forum. might someone actually owning or , you know someone suppliers that you can recon to me.. After all were all forum mates.. fair enough to consider that as a good thing..

BIG THANK YOU...:biggrin::biggrin: