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16th June 2014, 05:04
You really need to learn this stuff..Makes life so much easier here!


16th June 2014, 06:00
:icon_lol: Nice one Fred! Made me laugh, especially the "over there" I even find myself doing this to Shey now :smile:

Michael Parnham
16th June 2014, 06:08
Like it!:xxgrinning--00xx3:

16th June 2014, 08:16
My wife uses all of the body language mentioned above in the video, it took me about a month to get use to them all. :smile:

16th June 2014, 08:48
Nice find Fred :xxgrinning--00xx3:
Enjoyed watching.....needless to say all those and more are a daily occurrence in our house :icon_lol::icon_lol:

16th June 2014, 09:24
Very true, thanks Fred :xxgrinning--00xx3:- Mrs D uses the it's that way and the raised eyebrows a lot . I'll have to look out for the others

16th June 2014, 09:28
For once I managed to watch a you tube video :xxgrinning--00xx3:

He only mentioned a few.
One of my favourites is the scratching of the head when confused or uncertain :biggrin:

16th June 2014, 09:29
When the wife is angry at the kids she puts her hands on her hips. She doesn't need to say a word :icon_lol:

16th June 2014, 10:53
Haha....love it. :xxgrinning--00xx3:

16th June 2014, 13:00
:icon_lol: Yes my wife does all those :icon_lol:

Arthur Little
16th June 2014, 13:47
So~o familiar :iagree: ... the "beckoning" :Hellooo: and the lip~pursing gestures in particular!! :laugher:

16th June 2014, 14:37
My favorite is when after asking a question having to look at them with your mouth open almost prompting them to reply!! :icon_lol:

I quite like the angry face one with an additional frown too!!

16th June 2014, 14:48
The hand over the mouth gesture (girls). :biggrin:

16th June 2014, 16:34
Love it.

I saw all those gestures in Cebu and now I know what they mean.

Thanks for sharing.

16th June 2014, 19:16
Love it :xxgrinning--00xx3::icon_lol: