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14th April 2014, 22:17

“The number of individual languages listed for Philippines is 185. Of these, 181 are living and 4 are extinct. Of the living languages, 43 are institutional, 70 are developing, 45 are vigorous, 13 are in trouble, and 10 are dying.”

For bigger picture, go to this site..http://imphscience.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/philippine-language-relations-in-a-map/


14th April 2014, 22:51
181 languages from the Philippines in use today, some of us here have enough trouble with one, it is OK that Sheriel can speak and understand good English, it must be very strange to marry someone who cannot understand each other, then Rani, perhaps if you didn't understand then how can one say no, if you no what we are talking about joking :do_it:

14th April 2014, 23:41
Fascinating stuff Rayna.

Our capital speaks more than 100 different languages and the statistics show that 300,000 can't speak english at all there, also only 72% speak english as their first language...:cwm24:

Makes me wonder the minefield we have bringing our loved ones here and what they have to prove to settle in this beloved country of ours mmm......:Erm:

15th April 2014, 09:58
No wonder I struggled to understand anything :doh
Mick. :smile: