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15th November 2013, 13:19

Doc Alan
15th November 2013, 17:45
More encouraging news about the magnificent UK response to the disaster :xxgrinning--00xx3:. Im sure it will help provide essentials like medicine and shelter and the means to do it, in the form of JCB diggers, Land Rovers, forklift truck and cutting equipment.

The health challenge left in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan really is vast and daunting, and would be no matter where it occurred.

The Philippines Government is receiving international assistance, such as field hospitals and international medical teams, including the one which has now arrived from the UK.

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) is coordinating the medical relief effort, with rapid deployment of health experts and supplies, on behalf of the Philippines Government.

It is how the survivors, rather than the dead, are managed that determines if and when an epidemic may occur. The presence of dead bodies is obviously distressing, but exposure to them does not cause epidemics.

Survivors need treatment for trauma and injuries caused during the typhoon. As well as clearing dead bodies and responding to the immediate injuries and trauma, there are many "regular" health needs to be met.

The lack of health services in some areas, with destruction of transport routes, means that patients may not get treatment for chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. WHO also estimates that 12 000 babies will be due in the affected areas in the coming month.

With tens of thousands of people now homeless, there is concern that crowded living conditions and contaminated drinking water could lead to outbreaks of infectious diseases in the next few weeks.

Unsafe food and a lack of access to safe water, lack of facilities for personal hygiene and unsafe sanitation arrangements all create a breading ground for infections, such as cholera.

WHO is working with other humanitarian organisations to secure urgently needed water purification tablets.

Special diarrhoeal disease kits with medicines and supplies to treat 3,000 cases of acute diarrhoea are also en route - contaminated water is a frequent cause of diarrhoea.

WHO has already deployed drugs and supplies to perform 400 surgical procedures and cover the basic health needs of 120 000 people for one month.

Work has begun to strengthen the Department of Health EWARN ( Early Warning And Response Network ), that can rapidly detect disease outbreaks and other public health threats.

Providing the most basic of needs - safe food, clean water, medicine and shelter - is what will make the difference now, and is beginning to gain momentum almost a week after the typhoon struck :xxgrinning--00xx3:.


16th November 2013, 04:21

According to my mum, it was 5 of those planes what past over her house in convoy, yesterday...