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13th March 2013, 06:42
Popped into a new BDO bank building last week to check out their interest rates for a savings account..
Pretty dismal as it is all around the world!!
Asked about other investment products and they come up with investment accounts based on equities and the local stock market.. Now this got me interested as almost everyone knows how well the PSE and a few other Asian stock markets have done over the last 2/3 years.
I asked how these had performed over the last 3 years and so she checked for me..
Average annual return for the last 3 years was 35%..
Obviously,thats double your money in 3 years.
I forgot to ask about tax deductions..Sorry!
They don't advertise this stuff in the bank window and you need to talk to the right person to get the info..

No investment advice intended .. please do your own research etc etc .

13th March 2013, 09:43
Would have been a high risk investment fund to yield 35%?
We invest a small amount every month with the BDO peso balanced fund. There is a 20% with holding tax on the final earnings. Seems to being going up every month but you never know!

Have similar funds with Metrobank and BPI and the yields from BDO or slightly higher.

Always like to spread our money around as you never know what is going to happen.

Now should i continue paying my class 3 NI contributions :Erm: