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8th September 2012, 10:51
is anyone here that knows if how much is the recent maintaining balance for atm debit card without passbook in BANCO DE ORO philippines..?
as i know it was 2,000 few years ago..and i got surcharge now on my bank as i know that im not below not even near to my balance and im worry they kept getting surcharge on my bank account..:cwm3:

many thanks

8th September 2012, 12:21
I think it is still 2,000 without a passbook..
5000 with passbook.

THey will just get surcharge if you are below your minimum maintaining balance for two consecutive months... So what I often do is, put money in today.. withdraw it the next week or so.. so I wasn't in trouble paying surcharge... :angry:

8th September 2012, 13:45
I'm using bdo remittance just P50 with passbook and atm. With it don't have to think the maintaining balance.

9th September 2012, 14:58
Am using Kabayan Account for P100 (with passbook and atm already). I also had it registered as an online banking account so it's easy to tract your account and transfer money.,

9th September 2012, 15:30
yes its still 2000 as i have an account with them

9th September 2012, 18:55
yes its still 2000 as i have an account with them
oh..and i dont understand why i got a surcharge of 300 pesos on my account when i inquire it via internet banking:doh i was over the maintaining balance in triple the amount dont get this..:doh:angry: