View Full Version : the earth moved for me last night

1st September 2012, 02:53
:Sex: No not like that :icon_lol: Had my first experience of an earthquake last night. No damage, it lasted about 3 mins, its a very strange feeling trying to stand still and the earth is moving,the lights swaying about and everything in the house shaking. So I can dream now about the earth moving :do_it:

1st September 2012, 04:28
we experienced earthquakes every now and then but last night was the strongest we ever felt and we are really scared....just imagine the epicenter was in Visayas and we are living in CDO in Mindanao but glad it did not cause tsunami....

1st September 2012, 06:10
And there is nothing anyone can do but hope:doh

1st September 2012, 07:21
We experienced some very scary times during our period of living in Japan.
Earthquakes are very regular there.

I wish I could say it's something you get used to, but I can't. I never met anyone who could honestly say they got used to it.

1st September 2012, 09:07
i remember the earthquake that hit england a few years ago, a very small one but how the house moved and the noise, it felt like a car had come through the house,