View Full Version : Which Philippines Bank would you recommend for a simple current account?

28th August 2012, 00:54
Just chatting with Kay about this; past experiences have not been wonderful... I rather favour BPI from the point of view of the number of ATMs handy to where she lives (in San Jose del Monte, Bulcan, where I am at the moment).

Experiences and advice welcomed.

28th August 2012, 02:05
BDO is number 1 for me.....never had a problem with them for 3 years now..

28th August 2012, 03:04
BDO is number 1 for me.....never had a problem with them for 3 years now..


28th August 2012, 03:19
Thanks - that's a strong recommendation.

28th August 2012, 03:44
We will only use BPI these days as they seem to be the only bank not to charge 250 PHP if you are not using the local branch ATM`s. Their service and branches are the best as far as Im concerned and they have ATM`s everywhere which is the most important thing for me..

28th August 2012, 04:07
I am using BPI! I can easily transfer money via BPI Europe to my BPI account in the Philippines for only 5pounds. :D

28th August 2012, 18:35
BPI are excellent, especially with the link up in the UK to BPI Europe for easy money transfers.

HSBC is of course excellent, but you need to maintain a minimum 100,000 pho balance . Transfers HSBC to HSBC are instantaneous

28th August 2012, 18:57

28th August 2012, 19:10
We have PNB accounts. Never had problems

28th August 2012, 20:05
BDO is one of the best locally but if it refers international banking especially in UK and Euro countries BPI works well. :)

29th August 2012, 15:48
Thanks everyone; for what we need, we'll go with BPI on grounds of branch and ATM location adn ease of funds transfer. For living in the Philippines, BDO scores top.

29th August 2012, 16:40
:xxgrinning--00xx3: another vote for BPI, especially the online/mobile banking side which actually works with instant email/txts confirmations. Funds UK to BPI take about 2 days, my account to the wifes are instantaneous, no matter what the time differences.

29th August 2012, 17:35
PNB....Philippine National Bank, not to be mixed up with the Punjabi National Bank :rolleyes:.....only reason with use these is because they use a money card system along with all the aforementioned.

Once the money card has been issued via friendly phone call to there Hillgate branch to the recipient in the Philippines, the card can be topped up on line 24/7...and if they have a pnb account, transactions are gratis.

Another bonus is when you are there on your jollies you can actually send money to yourself using your own PNB money card thus, not shelling out for those extortionate card charges.

Lovely :D

4th September 2012, 16:41

I personally use BPI and have had great experience with them so far. It's quick (24 hours) and easy (online) to transfer money from the UK to the Philippines and it saved me the hassle of running to the money changers during my last visit to the Philippines.


Michael Parnham
5th September 2012, 06:35
Been with PNB for over 20 years, No complaints.

6th September 2012, 23:14
I also recommend BDO I have been with them for nearly 15 yrs never had a problem. You can withdraw up to 50,000php from the ATM at one time, but you have to make 5 transactions.

The only thing I don't like is paying 300p when not using your own branch.