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12th August 2012, 13:57
Some of my relations in Caloocan, helping their neighbours who were victims of the Manila floods, by providing them with a meal:


12th August 2012, 14:06

My mum and the rest of my family went to our town in Laguna today to distribute bags of reliefs to our neighbors there (my mum grew up there). My grandparents and some relatives live there and they were flooded upto waist high and my sister said some were flooded upto neck high! :NoNo: My mum and our family always make it a point to help others whenever we can during times like this. We're very lucky no one from our family suffered like the others. :xxgrinning--00xx3:

12th August 2012, 14:11
just fantastic, :)

12th August 2012, 14:19
Something that is so sadly lacking in this curtain-twitching country of ours. :NoNo:

12th August 2012, 15:43
Something that is so sadly lacking in this curtain-twitching country of ours. :NoNo:

Its heartwarming to see community spirit at its very best under such a dire situation :NoNo:

Your pictures show that clearly Graham.

You can see why now, Cavite, when it comes to land and property prices, its such good value.

You're right about community spirit here...in my previous materialistic incarnation, my stuck up neighbours wouldn't even greet you good day let alone help you out..really sad.

Unlike my impoverished situation now :D...the neighbours are fantastic...:xxgrinning--00xx3:

12th August 2012, 16:24
Ah...heartening to know that someone else has gone from riches to rags...tell me about it. :icon_lol:

I should have refined the location of the pics.

It's actually in Tondo, but I think maybe the locals there prefer not to call it that. :)

12th August 2012, 22:32
Nice pic Graham, nice to see!

15th August 2012, 09:13
I think that when it comes to relating to people, you could consider Filipinos to be among those who are really good and true with it. Personally, I find it really amusing that they would really take pride in making you feel home over their place even though you have practically met them just a few minutes ago. It just feels great.