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28th June 2012, 06:50
Hi,was wondering if there is someone can help me with some advice,as I'm am a Filipino living in the uk,my daughter was born in Australia ,and I wish to send her to my mother for her to go to school in Manila ,do I need visa for her,or do I apply her for pinoy citizen,or does she automatically have permission because I'm a Filipino,,,,how easy or hard is this to achieve?
Please help as all advice is much appreciated ..thank you.

28th June 2012, 08:37
What passport does she hold ?

28th June 2012, 09:50
My two boys, one born in Manila one in the UK, both get "balikbayan" stamps in their British passports without even asking for them.

28th June 2012, 10:33
Hi Lenylance.

IF she has a non-Filipino passport only....

shouldn't be any problems, but you will need to accompany her and enter the country(Phils) with her.
Make sure you have her birth certificate with you, and yours (plus any other Filipino IDs you may have).

Ask for a Balikbayan stamp for her passport when you reach immigration at the airport in Manila.

She's then good to stay for one year.

The next step is to get her 'recognised' as a Filipino citizen...because she is the daughter of a Filipino.
There is a govt. procedure and a fee for this, after which she will receive a certificate with her photo on it, confirming her status.

She can then live in the Phils as long as she likes without the need for a Balikbayan or any type of visa.

I did this for my UK-born son. He lived there for periods of up to 3 years, as well as attending school there. :)

...on the left, UK born and enjoying school life in the Phils.


2nd July 2012, 20:17
Thank you very much,this has been very helpfully.

2nd July 2012, 23:43

Let us know how you progress. :)