View Full Version : Thresher Shark Sanctuary Malapascua, off Cebu.

11th May 2012, 22:21
This has to be the way forward to maximise the eco tourism potential.

"Thresher sharks regularly visit Monad Shoal, a seamount 8.16 km due east from Malapascua, because of their significant relationship with resident Cleaner and Moon wrasses. This cleaning activity is unique
to the Philippines, making these species valuable to Philippine tourism. Moreover, sharks - as the top predator of the sea - play an important role in maintaining the balance of the marine ecosystem. But when these mainly oceanic sharks venture into shallow coastal waters, they become highly vulnerable to fishing and finning. 80% of global thresher shark populations have been lost to fishing pressure over the past 15 years. Thresher sharks are among the more demanded species because of their high quality meat. In this project, SPS’s main role is to engage the various stakeholders of Malapascua to protect their marine resources. There seems to be a collective desire from each stakeholder to conserve their resources in their own capacities, but they are not doing it strategically. SPS functions as a “dot connector” that will merely link these efforts together by presenting a road map of each stakeholder’s initiatives, activities, and projects. However, SPS does not intend to force these stakeholders to work together, but instead to help each one to see the significant roles they play in a common advocacy, which is marine conservation".

Courtesy of Save the Philippines Seas