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5th May 2012, 08:24
"QUEZON CITY, May 2 (PIA) -- About 50 bicycle enthusiasts went on a bike tour in Quezon City for the kick-off rites of the Month of the Ocean Celebration 2012 and ended at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Diliman.

Volunteer cyclists, led by the Firefly Brigade and selected DENR employees, opened the day with a 5:30 a.m. bike tour starting at the Center's parking lot, and headed for East Avenue, EDSA, SM North Edsa, Monumento in Caloocan City, and back to Quezon Avenue, around the Quezon Memorial Circle then going back to the NAPWC amphitheatre for the rest of the opening ceremony.

At the end of a simple program, they pledged to support the conservation of the country's control and marine resources.

Organizers said the country’s richness in marine biological diversity was highlighted in the event spearheaded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

The month of May is celebrated as Ocean Month and May 22 as International Day of Biodiversity (IDBD).

DENR Secretary Ramon J. P. Paje was represented by Undersecretary Analiza Teh at the opening rites which was also attended by DENR-PAWB director Theresa Mundita Sison-Lim, Philippine Information Agency (PIA)-National Capital Region (NCR) director Riza Jose-Baldoria who represented PIA director general Jose Fabia, and Miss Philippines-Earth 2006 Cathy Untalan.

“In consonance with the goal of the Aquino administration to alleviate poverty through inclusive growth, let us all be engaged in protecting and enhancing our coastal and marine resources,” Paje said in his speech read by Teh.

“For more than three decades, the Philippines has been actively engaged in coastal management. Adopting an ever-evolving resource management strategy, from community-based to integrated in nature, the country continues to improve its methodologies to address the complex issues arising from managing the coastal zone,” Paje said.

“There is a direct correlation between marine life and human life on land; the survival of one depends on the other,” Paje said.

This ‘double celebration’ for May will therefore aim to raise the awareness level on that relationship,” he stressed."

"On May 25, about 700 volunteers from different sectors will paint murals on marine biodiversity around the 1,075-meter fence of the NAPWC. The mural, to be called the “Wall of Nature,” could be considered the longest in the country upon its completion. The mural will be followed by the Ocean Jam, a concert showcasing different musical renditions advocating conservation and protection of the Philippines’ coastal and marine environment".


5th May 2012, 08:32

"The theme “Buhay Dagat, Buhay Natin” encompasses a broad spectrum of owning and charging to all the protection and preservation of the country’s marine resources as it serves as a large basin of life sustenance in the land. The state of the country’s coastal and marine resources have been severely affected by the rapid increase in urbanization, industrialization and population that resulted to sedimentation and siltation from coastal development activities, coupled with illegal and destructive fishing methods and over fishing (Aliņo, 2008). The country’s remaining mangrove area is now less than 24%; between 30% and 50% of seagrass beds were lost (Fortes, 1994) and only about 4% of the country’s coral cover is in excellent status, making the Philippines to be known as “hottest of the marine biodiversity hotspots in the world” (Roberts et al. 2002).

The prepared list of activities aspires to elevate the regard of the Filipinos to our oceans. Generally, it aims to bring marine conservation into a platform of high priority, emphasizing that our oceans at present is in its most fragile stage that requires serious collaborative action from all sectors.

In particular, the objectives of this year’s celebration are as follows:

Increase public awareness to the richness and diversity of coastal and marine resources in the Philippines;

Boost public’s full support and cooperation in the management and conservation efforts of our marine ecosystem through the ridge-to-reef strategy/Integrated Coastal Management approach; and

Strengthen synergy with other government and non-government offices/organizations, academe, private sector, and civil society in combining efforts to protect and save the remaining coastal and marine life".