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5th April 2012, 16:54
Following Maria's post on "10 Little Known Facts About the UK", I was inspired to post this 10 Philippine Quirks.

Hope you enjoy.

1. Motorbike disbelief
2. Roosters
3. Underhanded Plays on Words
4. Tanduay Rum
5. The sheer magnitude of children screaming after at you when you walk/drive/bike by
6. Sample sizes of everything
7. Power Ballads.
8. Its ok.
9. Whispering
10. Eden Cheese


Here's an interesting and amusing (short) read (http://www.legalnomads.com/2009/06/top-10-philippine-quirks.html)

Maria B
5th April 2012, 18:15
the number 2, i missed the tok to ga okk thing :icon_lol: in the morning, afternoon, evening...24 hrs.

:D oh well the number 4...from teens to oldies :Cuckoo:

:xxgrinning--00xx3: :icon_lol: the number 5....if we are out of town, the kids from school would greet my husband "hey joe".:icon_lol: Hubby would answer back...'no i'm not a joe...i'm english.....kids would say 'yes joe we know english':icon_lol:

the no. 6 it's always around in any occassion....volume on to the max:D

the no. 8 .... oh yes...it's ok:Cuckoo:

the no. 9 whispering here in there & everywhere. :icon_lol:

:xxgrinning--00xx3: nice one terpe. It brings back memories.

5th April 2012, 21:38
11. "It's up to you".

12. "TRIKE !!!" :)

5th April 2012, 22:13
They are all classics.:xxgrinning--00xx3: :laugher::laugher::laugher:

Who is she?
You know her? :laugher:

5th April 2012, 22:21
"What you think of me ?!" :rolleyes:

5th April 2012, 22:24
"Are you going here in Fevruary or Afril my lub ?" :Erm:

6th April 2012, 05:26
13. wait a while--------- when trying to get change from P500 in the supermarket
14. not available-------- when asking about the promo that's being advertised
15. miss delivery--------when you get diesel instead of gasoline or v.v pumped into your car
16.late reading----------when the e-pass at the tollgate wont open the barrier

6th April 2012, 07:57
LETS EAT:doh:doh:doh

6th April 2012, 08:42

Maria B
6th April 2012, 16:27
"Are you going here in Fevruary or Afril my lub ?" :Erm:

:icon_lol: the f & p or pronounce it as EF & FE? :laugher:

6th April 2012, 19:31
...and the V and B. :D

Actually I should have put 'Pevruary' of course. (P and F). :icon_lol:

28th June 2012, 20:15
hahaha these are great. I just got back.

Ive never heard so many love songs. No wonder there are so many babies :)
hahaha & pointing with your lips!!!

28th June 2012, 21:01
You will very soon find yourself pointing with your lips and saying, "For a while?"

I do know a lady who rides a solo motorcycle; you may see her picture right here.

Most of her fellow citizens find her alarming, and assume that only a foreigner would take up with such a freak of nature. "She goes out in the sun and gets brown!!" The really good bit is that she also shops like a bloke - walks into SM or wherever, buys the first thing that fits the bill and walks out again in minutes, usually muttering "If we are going to have to wait for my ate let's go and find a drink!"

28th June 2012, 21:14
& Videoke! When Filipinas are in school, are you all taught how to sing? Even the children put my singing to shame.

seriously, best holiday of my life :) Cant wait to go back :)

28th June 2012, 21:20
In case you haven't seen this...a friend singing to his fiancee in Tagalog from memory. :D