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30th September 2011, 06:36
Hi to all,

We are planning to have a business here in the Philippines specifically in Cebu but the big question is - what kind of business is good and that will last long?

Any suggestions please :)

Daghang Salamat xx

30th September 2011, 07:30
Good luck with your business plans, but in order to help, it might be easier to know a bit more about your work experience and skills, qualifications and more importantly how you plan to fund the business. Will you need premises, do you know the costs, where is the right location? There are many questions to ask and research before you make a step and throw all of your money at a business.
Some of the happiest business people I know are those who are able to combine their hobbies and interests with a business.

30th September 2011, 07:44
yes more details please but be warned the doing business there carries some serious health warnings... there are some threads here I think in the Philippines section. My advice to you is keep it small and easy to staff with trusted people and be ready to be let down by even them..... a wise old ex pat here told me if you want to make a small fortune here...bring a big one and I think someone here was told by a wealthy foriegner the key to staying wealthy in the Phils was to make you money in the 1st world and spend it in the 3rd world... and good luck with what ever you decide.

30th September 2011, 20:45
Very few expats make money in businesses in Cebu, especially if they go in half hearted or try to do the same old bar/restaurant/sari sari store/jeepney/taxi etc which either breaks even or makes a loss.
Successful businesses I've seen in the development zones are those running internet or back office services/products to people in the west, taking advantage of the low overheads and staff.
Renting property can be lucrative, if your street wise.

30th September 2011, 21:44
...Renting property can be lucrative, if your street wise.


30th September 2011, 22:26
Last long, if you're talking centuries: prostitution :omg:

1st October 2011, 08:57
Last long, if you're talking centuries: prostitution :omg:

i wonder how much i could get for renting out scouser Keith in Cebu :rolleyes: ..