View Full Version : Cost of living Cebu V Negros

31st August 2011, 08:58
Just wanted to mention this as I had a road trip down to Negros a couple of months ago and was really surprised how much better things were clean air,water etc. wise aswell as the fact cost of living is a lot cheaper.

Puso-puso rice the banana leaf wrapped costs around P4 each in Cebu but in Negros we buy a cooked bag for P7 which seems to be around 6 times the amount if not more in comparison. Fruit is cheaper and the recent harvest of avicados seen P9 a kilo in Negros compared to P56 in Cebu as Negros is obviously a big food producing area. The towns aren't very developed and more for the lazy retired than those looking for discos but well worth a mention taking a look when thinking about moving to the Philippines because each area can vary in price considerably.