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Maria B
8th August 2011, 01:44
This used to be the most common public transportation means in villages and small towns in rural Philippines… the manpowered tricycle!


Trisikads are still in use, and being a trisikad driver under the burning sun is very hard but not well-paid work…

This is another Philippine icon. Believe or not, Filipinos are actually the most well-catered-to commuters on earth. You can stop a bus or a jeep anywhere (no need for designated stops ~ that was before long time ago & yet in the province, it is still practice) and the tricycle will fill any gap that the Jeep and bus can't fill.


Tricycle is a motorcycle with a sidecar (passenger-cabin) on a third wheel attached.

"Habal-Habal" is from the word "habal", which means sex (love making) in Cebuano and Bisaya. The passengers on the motorcycle 'appear' as though they are having sex.


This is very common in almost all provinces in the Philippines.

TAXI HORSE or Calesa/ Tartanilla (cebuano)
A kalesa or calesa is Philippines traditional mode of transportation. It is not just an ordinary horse back riding because there is a calash (carriage) attached at the back of the horse.

they can be seen in some places of the Philippines, kalesa’s some century-old examples are still preserved in areas of Vigan and Laoag. Some of them can also be found in Intramuros and Binondo in the city of Manila, Iligan City, and Pasil area of Cebu.

:Hellooo::Jump:Enjoy your extreme ride. Only in the Philippines:Cuckoo::xxgrinning--00xx3:

11th August 2011, 14:51
hahahahaha this brings back memories, wanted to get on a trisikad but the guy said no I was to heavy hahahaha

never could work out hpw tp catch the bus, as they went past so fast couldnt read the signs, so always went to tbe terminal to get one, and then would be looked at for not taking an air con bus,

11th August 2011, 17:28
As a smoker, I very rarely rode aircon buses.

Much preferred the wind-in-the hair ones...though actually lighting up could be a challenge. :)

Don't forget the 'train' service: :D


12th August 2011, 09:18
Here in our place we called it "pedicab" :):):).3 wheels side cab.:xxgrinning--00xx3:

13th August 2011, 11:13
that train service looks awesome

15th August 2011, 04:29
:icon_lol: only in the Philippines.....though I dont have much faith in riding a habal-habal for long distances, the thought of riding on it is scary....:)....a ride on a bus sometimes can be terrifying, i even wonder if I'm in a bus or a plane :icon_lol: