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  1. Free financial advice on all aspects of life in the UK
  2. Ode To A "Glaswegian" Filipina
  3. Commission For Filipinos Overseas
  4. here in the uk
  5. I Would Just Like To State ...
  6. How long from from discovery to UK?
  7. opening a UK bank account
  8. approaching a lady in the shop/street
  9. Anybody Lives in Newmarket Suffolk?
  10. Places to take your Filipina Wife after she gets here in UK
  11. Life In The UK Test
  12. Working Tax Credits / Child Tax Credits
  13. Settlement Visa and right to work
  14. Driving in the UK on Filipina License
  15. Coughs, colds, and flu
  16. Connecting with others in the UK
  17. Sending Balikbayan Boxes what are your Does and Don'ts
  18. Applying for FLR after marriage
  19. Another thing which is handy for A Phill before or just after coming to the UK
  20. Nice words
  21. council tax
  22. Name ten things you love about the conservatives and liberals
  23. Trepidation & Nervous Already!
  24. Vodaphone free international minutes pay as you go freebie
  25. Unfairness of Life in the UK test
  26. Barrio Fiesta Bradford - this Sunday 3rd July
  27. Spouse English tests for migrants racist, court told
  28. Janitor inspires fellow Pinoy Oxford scholars
  29. Signing up for Local Doctor....
  30. Loving life
  31. Tax Allowances and Marriage
  32. Clothing for Filipina in UK in October
  33. Neozep, medicol, biogesic, etc
  34. Filipina Murdered in Kingston on Thames
  35. ILR and Benefits?
  36. ielts
  37. Cure for Dry Skin After 3 Weeks in UK
  38. Gathering Evidence Etc Etc and Bank Account GP Etc Etc
  39. Applying for driving licence
  40. Congratulations, Dedworth ...
  41. Is There any filipino in exeter...
  42. CRB Disclosure
  43. Immigration discussions
  44. My first snow! Yay! lol
  45. How British is Bradford?
  46. Way back then
  47. Project Britain - Guide to British Life, Culture and Customs
  48. Spring Forward. Fall Back.
  49. Happy first day of Spring Everyone!
  50. Britain’s Beautiful Beaches
  51. Warwick Castle and Cadbury World
  52. Oldest Pub in the World
  53. Hunger Games
  54. Why go to Paris When You Can go to Blackpool?
  55. Suffer from Hayfever?
  56. Snow Fair!
  57. 10 Little Known Facts About the UK
  58. Northern Ireland UK hello :-)
  59. Tesco Revival Plan
  60. Your job’s safe, David Cameron tells Theresa May
  61. Hiking to Gibson Mill
  62. Dirty Great Machines
  63. Steven Gerard Teams Up With Jamie Oliver
  64. The Answer to the Cold British Summer
  65. my pink car ^-^
  66. ^_^
  67. lovin the sun ^_^ today!!
  68. fun on summer ^_^
  69. What have you been up to Juvy? =)
  70. im burn ^_^
  71. Scottish minimum alcohol pricing passed by parliament
  72. Pasty La Vista
  73. Bank Holiday?
  74. Estimated 1.5 million gathered around Buckingham Palace now...
  75. Skin Whitening
  76. tan
  77. Trolls
  78. carer
  79. Made in the Philippines
  80. Osborne & Little
  81. Barrio Fiesta in York today.
  82. Regional Benefit Rates
  83. looking for a friend in BARNSTAPLE, DEVON
  84. The Fastest U Turn in History
  85. Is it Going to be Rock On or Frack Off in Blackpool?
  86. Cheap Day Out in London
  87. Police Are Expecting More Riots
  88. Flat Adverts Breaking the Law
  89. UK braced for further severe flooding
  90. Families need £36,800 to live acceptably, study says
  91. Yorkshire and Humberside.
  92. Filipina Wedding in the UK - Who walked you down the Aisle?
  93. Dentist please!
  94. Why won't the UK make the sun shine for the Olympics?
  95. Devo Max Model
  96. My kids coming soon from Philippines
  97. very HOT HOT HOT
  98. Tocino
  99. Stonehenge
  100. Eastenders episode tonight!
  101. We Have all Done It?
  102. Ideal car for a Filipina ?
  103. London 2012: A 12-part guide to the UK in 212 words each
  104. Marrying in the uk
  105. Any illongo speakers in or around northants area
  106. Business in UK
  107. Anyone Know Where This Is?
  108. english treat;)
  109. sunny day on frozen sea ^-^
  110. the kids on sunny frozen sea;)
  111. Electoral Voting on a Spouse Visa
  112. lived in stevenage
  113. Anyone from Bedford, Bedforshire?
  114. Temporary Tax on the Rich
  115. History of some of those funny Brit expressions
  116. wondering ^_^
  117. Calling any FIlipino's living around Raunds, Rushden, Wellingborough area Northants
  118. Cable to cap unfair dismissal payouts
  119. Call to freeze fishing in Europe to replenish stocks
  120. Jailed for whipping child across face
  121. The Town That Never Retired
  122. Child Benefit £20.40p per week
  123. French fishermen clash with 'scallop-pillaging' Brits
  124. NHS card
  125. NC Oriental, Douglas.
  126. Scottish independence: Cameron and Salmond to set out referendum deal
  127. Being British.
  128. Filippina,s has the uk lived up to your expectations
  129. Too Soon ! Go Away !
  130. Clocks Go Back 1 Hour
  131. ILR for spouse
  132. Train passenger caught on camera hurling homophobic abuse at two gay men
  133. Statue of WWII heroine Noor Inayat Khan unveiled
  134. multiculture living in the u.k ( its just not working )
  135. The consequences of having a ‘foreign’ name
  136. underweight
  137. Farnham or Guildford!
  138. feeling ill
  139. immunity...
  140. Post-graduate life in UK
  141. The Bittersweet Life Of A UK-Based Nurse
  142. British Culture: 9 things I still don’t get about Britain
  143. Prioities to sort out
  144. I was going to have a walk into town, but...
  145. 25 Guaranteed Millionaires for EuroMillions
  146. We also have fun in the UK
  147. weather?
  148. Costochondritis a pain in the chest!
  149. youtube
  150. benefit
  151. UK weather
  152. Relationship with In-Laws
  153. Filipino Restaurants - Southampton
  154. The ''very'' Best of British- British Slang!!
  155. Uk mums how do you cope?
  156. is it just me ?:)
  157. Filipino hair care products
  158. wine....
  159. Could there be a property crash in 2013?
  160. Calling Filipino in Hertfordshire
  161. Looking for friends
  162. filipino hairdresser
  163. Street lights.
  164. A Timely Reminder For Those Of Us Resident In The UK
  165. United Kingdom Political Leaders' Qualifications
  166. Immigrant-friendly local councils?
  167. skin tone..
  168. Independence for Scotland / London
  169. pimples
  170. Has It Been 'Summer', Today?
  171. practice make perfect
  172. feelin
  173. High Court Judgement Regarding Income Threshold
  174. Free LPG?
  175. My new VPN
  176. living in the uk test
  177. Beautiful Autumn
  178. Save your life with “The Triangle of Life”
  179. Immature Cheddar
  180. The end of Summer Time !
  181. Poverty in the UK
  182. starting to blow
  183. E Cops - Scam Warning
  184. Christmas ... It Is Coming
  185. NO Temperature!!
  186. You are now entering Shariah law Britain
  187. What to do after I arrive in the UK?
  188. Tracing Filipino roots in Liverpool
  189. wild wild yuckky weather
  190. Wife and Stepson - Visit to Southern Ireland
  191. Life in uk test
  192. Any filipino community in kent especially in Bexley
  193. Biometric (Post Office Royal Mail)??????
  194. Passport Questions.
  195. domestic....
  196. My wife is now settling in
  197. Do all filipina's brought to uk act like this??
  198. Spring...ish
  199. Snob Filipinos in UK
  200. British Summer Time
  201. Filipino TV in the UK
  202. ILR Advice needed
  203. This is Mizel. I am looking for filipino friends
  204. Won,t be eating there no more thats for sure
  205. Bank holiday weirdness: An array of strange English events
  206. British citizenship application timeline
  207. My Home Town Fanatics
  208. History of the English Language
  209. What will happen if I leave UK for more than 6 months??
  210. The process of naturalisation
  211. Loving the sun
  212. Warning: UK Nationals are NOT EEA Nationals
  213. Uk Government introduces new immigration reforms.
  214. Sorting out our wedding here in UK
  215. Jon Gaunt 'vs' muslim moron
  216. East Midlands Community?
  217. Top 10 unusual homes for sale in the UK
  218. All about marriage
  219. ILR application how long?
  220. Rights of a fiancee visa holder
  221. 'D Day'
  222. Scotland votes YES!!
  223. Insect bites
  224. Fred has been deported.
  225. Returning to the UK
  226. Filipino friend wanted ...
  227. Where to start?
  228. Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red Exhibition at Tower of London
  229. Struggle in getting a job
  230. Visa expiring soon..HELP
  231. Our UK Progress.
  232. Tax!
  233. People change ...
  234. Happy New year !! ( le Jour de l'An,)
  235. Any filipina experienced this as well?
  236. Driving Test experience
  237. Life in the UK Test - who, why, what, where?
  238. E Petition against unjust, unfair rule
  239. Cambridge English Pass Mark?
  240. Clock Change
  241. Blackouts may hit Philippines any time – DOE
  242. Happy St George's Day ...
  243. TB checks
  244. Tories want to repeal the Hunting Act
  245. Driving lesson....
  246. How many days allowed out of UK per year on a spouse visa?
  247. *DVLA Website Struggles To Cope With New Rules For Car Hire
  248. Scheme To Cut Items of Junk Mail Through Letter Boxes Shelved
  249. 1 Year since I left PH
  250. Moving With The Times: Couple Fed Up With Soaring Rental Costs, Create Their Dream Flat ...