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  1. Filipino to USA immigration
  2. Duel Passports
  3. Consulate ID to be issued to Filipinos in the U.S.
  4. US Matchmaking Law
  5. Canadian Visa
  6. 59 Day Visa for Philippines
  7. Visits to the Philippine Embassy in London
  8. Schengen Visa for the Filipina wife
  9. Free visa to UK
  10. Sanctions after a traffic of visas to the French Consulate in Moscow
  11. Immigration to France
  12. eeeeekkkk!!!
  13. Philippine citizenship
  14. Philippine citizenship
  15. Bringing Filipino Parents to France
  16. Confusion on schengen visitor visa and residence permit in Norway
  17. Our experince when applying for the 2nd schgen Visa
  18. A question on schgen tourist visas?
  19. Hello Yves
  20. European Common Driving Permit
  21. bringing minor children to france
  22. Please Comment On This!!!
  23. New Visa Requirements In French Embassy, Manila
  24. legal capacity to marry, France
  25. Dubai Marriage
  26. requirements spouse visa
  27. 21-day No Visa Policy
  28. 33 day stay.
  29. last name issues
  30. Honeymoon outside the United Kingdom
  31. Tourist visa to canada with ILR
  32. question on schengen visa
  33. Moving to Manil - Working for UK Company - requirements?
  34. Tourist visa to the US with ILR
  35. Schengen Visa Approved
  36. Importing personal possessions to the Philippines?
  37. France and The Philippines signed a pre-agreement on immigration
  38. renewal of schengen visa
  39. Price of visa to US goes up
  40. Swedish Embassy in Manila will be closing in June 2008
  41. 9 countries will join the Schengen space at midnight
  42. New BI system: Tourist visa in one day [in Philippines BI offices]
  43. Residence Permit
  44. Balikbayan visa & return tickets
  45. Applying for Resident's Visa while in Phils?
  46. travel to the UK
  47. eea family member going to the UK
  48. I want to take my wife on holiday to spain or egypt what visa does she need ?
  49. Schengen rules for Swiss visa issuance [from Nov 1, 2008]
  50. six months in the Phillis
  51. getting married
  52. passport renewal
  53. Embassy Fastracks Machine Readable Passport Processing To July 2008
  54. schengen visa from italy or spain embassy?
  55. spouse,fiancee or tourist visa to norway...what to choose?
  56. I don't get this....
  57. machine readable passport cost?
  58. Tourist Visa to USA from UK
  59. flr application...missing or not?
  60. How Long Can I Stay in Manila?
  61. Omg!!!!!
  62. J-1 visa to the USA anyone have experience
  63. Important info for ex-pats.
  64. French Cultural Institute and Language Center in Cebu
  65. British National Living in the Netherlands...
  66. Shengen Visa question
  67. holiday in ireland
  68. Expiring passport
  69. Schengen Visa - Austria
  70. Tourist Visa of an EU Partner...
  71. Please read and hopefully sign Petition re visas for non EU spouses
  72. Visa application approved - after 6 months!
  73. anybody tried this???
  74. 13a visa Letter of application sample needed
  75. anybody here applied for fiancee visa in norway?
  76. Offered a job whilst 13a is in process - can i?..
  77. Schengen Visa Application...
  78. Re: Visa for Visit to Canada
  79. Affivavit of Support
  80. Schengen Visa
  81. New countries face tough visa rules
  82. Identity cards for foreign nationals to extend to further immigration categories
  83. Honeymoon options
  84. Highly Frustrated!!!
  85. question about schengen visa
  86. Uk budget and jobs report
  87. Spanish holiday
  88. We both need visa!!!!!help..........pls......
  89. Where to apply visa??????
  90. Enough is enough.......
  91. Can a non EEA family member work right away in UK?
  92. Need info please
  93. UK Residence Card (EEA2)
  94. How long before return
  95. does anyone here wants to give me advice in applying a spouse visa next month??
  96. child has fathers surname ..HELP PLEASE
  97. Trip to France while on FLR?
  98. securing legal capacity
  99. How will the care sector recruit sufficient number of staffs
  100. Spelling Mistake on Visa
  101. Legal Capacity to marry
  102. Balikbayan visa
  103. which visa for Germany
  104. silly, silly mistake
  105. Multi Entry Visa to UK from Schengen Area
  106. Good news!
  107. Schengen Visa Approved
  108. Schengen Visa for me and my son
  109. Welcome changes for French Schengen visa!!!!
  110. And Spain.....
  111. And in Germany......
  112. Copy of Valid EEA Residence Card
  113. How to apply for Philippine tourist visa
  114. Denied Application
  115. New Charges in Phils
  116. which visa should I apply?
  117. very strange
  118. 76 year old mom denied visitors visa, help!
  119. Planning to go for Holiday in Tenerife of Grand Canary..does my wife need a visa?
  120. "Multiple Entry" Schengen visa
  121. Schengen visa in ammended passport
  122. Going to spain, do we need a visa with an ILR?
  123. Help my friend got married in philippines but now he been told his marriage not valid
  124. irish immigration
  125. Would it be taken against me...
  126. Please Help
  127. balikbayan visa queue at NAIA ?
  128. Ukba
  129. PR means can't have a British passport?
  130. Dubai, Visit Visa
  131. seeking immigration advisor in London
  132. Getting schengen visa
  133. And you thought UK had tough immigration laws
  134. Refused at manila airport
  135. Schegen visa for france
  136. hello everyone!!
  137. Anyone have worked in Gibraltar?
  138. dependent visa
  139. any agencies in London for a working permit in Canada?
  140. Filipina married to Norwegian......visa option
  141. Austrian Visa - HELP please :/
  142. Tourist visa for China?
  143. For The Benefit Of ...
  144. UK Visit Visa
  145. Italian Family Reunion visa questions :-)
  146. Single or Multi Schengen visa??
  147. Netherlands (Schengen) Visa
  148. anyone tried this?
  149. My 1st ever experience applying an Austrian Visa
  150. EEA Family permit
  151. is there any Fiancee Visa or Marriage Visa in france
  152. residence card processing time
  153. Directive 2004/38/EC
  154. working visa for au pair
  155. visit visa on medical grounds
  156. Any ideas on exactly what is needed for an EEA family permit? Italy to UK...
  157. Difficult Situation :(
  158. If you through getting a British Visa was difficult? Filipina into Oman
  159. Spain, Residencia, system shows 'extension of validity' beyond date on the card.
  160. Norway boosts immigration fees
  161. Multiculturalism is the wrong concept?
  162. UK visas for Pakistanis issued faster
  163. 1/3 Fall in number of people applying for asylum in Ireland
  164. Italian residence with Work permit wants to moved to UK,..HELP!!!
  165. Passport Expiring (HELP URGENT MATTER)
  166. applying for residence card soon :)
  167. What do you think to this - Visa to Visit Schengen Area
  168. Refusal of residence card
  169. US embassy hikes tourist visa fees starting Friday
  170. The Bureau of Immigration creates new office
  171. Nursing
  172. Emigration to New Zealand
  173. Schengen Visa
  174. Philippines Visa question
  175. 38 Day Visa how to apply?
  176. European Travel with Philippine Passport
  177. Uk and Schengen Visa - Need Advise
  178. EU students say permit delays are putting degrees at risk
  179. PDOS Pre-departure orientation seminar for Filipinos
  180. Welcome to Phils Bur of Immigration Facebook.
  181. Application for Schengen Visa in Austria.. TIPS.. Help..
  182. Permanent residence
  183. non-UK Partners
  184. Pls Pls Help me..
  185. schengen spain
  186. Filipino with UK spouse visa travelling to Norway ???
  187. getting schengen visa here in UK
  188. Freedom of Movement in the EU
  189. Do I need to renew my Entry Clearance Visa? A delimma of NonEEA wife to an EEA hubby
  190. Immigration issues.. Pls help..
  191. EEA 4 Application
  192. Me and the wife want to travel to USA
  193. Schengen visa for Italy
  194. any body from uk got a working visa for philippines !
  195. Travel to Manila Question
  196. Visa to the Philippines
  197. Spanish Schengen Visa
  198. travelling around europe with less than 6 months valid passport
  199. Application for german schengen visa with less than 6 months valid passport
  200. NOTHING to PAY - SCHENGEN VISA (Spouse of an EU Citizen)
  201. New center in Singapore simplifies visa application to five countries
  202. Non-EU Spouse visa "accompany/join spouse" Ireland
  203. Certified Marriage Contract
  204. my trip to dublin
  205. Leaving the UK for a holiday, when here from Philippines on a tourist visa?
  206. Schengen Visa Question
  207. question regarding french visa
  208. Belgian spouse visa.
  209. EEA permit- EXTENDED Family Members!
  210. EEA4 Residence Card
  211. Surrinder singh
  212. Eea2 vs british citizen
  213. goin on holiday in eu
  214. I want my mom to pay me a visit here in UK.
  215. Surinder Singh for Newbies Ireland edition
  216. Schengen Experience
  217. 5 continuous years for residence card
  218. Visa form issue
  219. Schengen Visa with sponsor.
  220. EEA national going to UK with Filipina wife (requirements for EEA Family Permit)
  221. Spanish Schengen!
  222. Tourist Schengen Visa Application from the UK
  223. EEA2 SURINDER SINGH - Transitional Provisions
  224. Surinder Singh
  225. Short stay schengen visa by post (germany)
  226. Spanish Schengen Application Procedure...
  227. Holiday to Spain
  228. Travel docs needed for France Schengen Visa for Filipina wife?
  229. First Time Traveling with EEA2 Residence Card
  230. Apostille Stamp required or not?
  231. Visa For Ireland
  232. Filipina/German citizen living in UK to marry her fiance in Philippines
  233. What documents or requirements?
  234. Schengen Visa for Filipina GF?
  235. How Filipinos can be European citizens in two years*?
  236. Schengen visa for Portugal
  237. EEA Family Permit Visa
  238. Made a bit of a booboo today..
  239. Residence Card stats under Surinder Singh
  240. Schengen visa for Spain
  241. Irish Marriage Visa Form Issue...
  242. Visa for a European Cruise
  243. Red ribbon marriage certificate
  244. France & Germany Slam EU Migrant Quota Plan
  245. Schengen
  246. Schengen Visa for France
  247. Schengen Visa application for Italy?
  248. Schengen Visa for Spain ... QUESTIONS
  249. French Schengen Visa Processing
  250. Portugeuse Schengen Experience Manchester