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  1. Moving from USA to UK
  2. How do I get my Filipino babe to the UK?
  3. Question re registration with Philippine Embassy
  4. Legal Advice
  5. Filipino middle names??
  6. passport and visa fees
  7. Nanny looking to legalise position in UK
  8. visa
  9. minimum earnings?
  10. CFO thing, whatever it is
  11. He got deported for not knowing Chelsea Team
  12. Update on mum in laws visa application
  13. Can you pass a citizenship test?
  14. documents for fiancee visa
  15. Latest feedback From The Manila Embassy
  16. cava courier service limits?
  17. Latest news for UK Immigration
  18. Birth Cert
  19. visa application
  20. De Facto Visa
  21. cover letter
  22. ukvacs
  23. Doing it with UKVACS...
  24. how to bring my child in uk
  25. Court case on Certificate of Approval
  26. How many times??
  27. Your distinguished advice please
  28. Further Leave To Remain - the next steps
  29. UK via Phili
  30. domestic worker..
  31. Childs Birth Cert.
  32. Scumbag Sharad Ladva, caught with 'pants down'
  33. confused...
  34. with an FLR can you work?
  35. Another location in Manila to attend the CFO seminar
  36. Leaving the UK with Fiancee Visa
  37. Waiting In Vain For My Uk Fiance Visa!
  38. Info on entering the UK via heathrow t4
  39. oopss..sorry!
  40. Other related documents for spouse visa
  41. helped needed
  42. bringing stepson to live in UK
  43. FLR granted
  44. information please
  45. hi guys
  46. immigration lawyer
  47. just a few questions for Mr.Administrator and to anybody....
  48. Time out of UK under FLR
  49. Indefinate Leave to Remain
  50. Further Leave to Remain
  51. POEA!!! seminar
  52. help!!!
  53. just arrive in freezin uk
  54. Getting married
  55. TB test
  56. docs needed to get married in uk
  57. need informations
  58. Pls help,salamat po...
  59. Whats the longest you had to wait for your spouse to get a visa???
  60. In addition to my posts below....
  61. Immigration controls
  62. Concerning about child tax credit and child benefit
  63. immigration law
  64. FLR.. What happens if.
  65. Immigration Advice
  66. more immigration scare stories
  67. stepson and ILR
  68. immigration staff accused of being racist
  69. Special Immigration Appeals Commission
  70. Not your avarage case
  71. help needed fast
  72. illegal working facing clampdown
  73. visa stats
  74. need help with child not coming to the uk
  75. Simplifying Immigration Law :o)
  76. British Passports increased fees
  77. england the welfare country
  78. some advice please
  79. Cock-up or done on purpose???
  80. need to know time frame
  81. UK gets 2.5m new foreign workers
  82. Fiancee holiday
  83. chances of visa approval
  84. Im so happy
  85. spouse visa
  86. Comments only about visitor visa
  87. Fiance Visa Questions.
  88. needs more info
  89. work permits galore
  90. Residence Card
  91. start of points based system + english test
  92. some overstayers being refused spouse visa's
  93. Immigration - The BIG Debate
  94. need help-tourist visa, what relationship status should i use?
  95. workpermit 5yr rule court case 17/18 of dec
  96. tourist visa cut to 3 months
  97. For newcomers to the UK
  98. visa running out
  99. How to come to the United Kingdom on a UK Visitor Visa
  100. Now guess what....
  101. New immigration fees announced
  102. At last
  103. fiance visa
  104. supporting documents + visa website
  105. immigration bans
  106. New application forms now available
  107. FLR, Public funds
  108. Canadian National/British Passport..needs??
  109. Gov. acted illegally...????
  110. birth certifacte
  111. Frustration!!
  112. photocopied or not
  113. Tighter new rules for skilled foreign workers
  114. end of automatic mandatory bans b4 they start?
  115. My new info/blog site for coming to the UK
  116. Marriage relationship to Visas
  117. How Long until you can travel outside the UK?
  118. entry visa stats 2006-2007
  119. Revised application forms and guidance notes now available - FLR(M) and FLR(S)
  120. Changes to the national shortage occupational list for work permits
  121. its me again sphinx updating
  122. Launch of Tier 1 of the points-based system
  123. The British Embassy in Manila...
  124. How long for spouse visa?
  125. spouse/fiancee visa minimum age will be 21
  126. Settlement visa for step daughter
  127. What documents and mode of delivery?
  128. Newcomers must earn the right to stay in the UK
  129. Strict new rules for foreign students
  130. visas for our kids - how long does it take?
  131. Working in the UK
  132. Flr
  133. Consultation paper on Immigration Appeals
  134. cenomar
  135. immigrants exploit loophole to get married
  136. Home again...........
  137. Advise pls
  138. ammend passport -FLR clarification
  139. Young Brit needs advice badly!!
  140. Foreign national ID card unveiled
  141. Parents
  142. flr application appeal
  143. eea family residence permit
  144. Public Fund
  145. UK Border Force Sky One
  146. Midland Filipino Gatherings
  147. 650 million collected in visa fees last year
  148. minium age for spouse visa will by 21 from 27/11/08
  149. Spousal Visa and N.I. Stamp
  150. Need someones Help. Visit the UK for two weeks
  151. Ielts
  152. Government ID cards scheme to begin:
  153. Nvq Student Visa Processing Philippines
  154. An injustice has been averted....
  155. curry house raided
  156. Medical examination
  157. ILR application
  158. confused
  159. Personal Finances
  160. My Letter of Sponsorship.
  161. Anybody can confirm this pls....
  162. New angle on scamming... Beware..!!!!
  163. UK-Irish travellers to face passport checks
  164. british jobs for british workers, oh and europeans)
  165. Bad management, eh?
  166. spouse visa and savings?????????
  167. Multiple 2 yr. visa+ tourist
  168. Advice please?!!
  169. What happen if your visa has expired and now an overstayer
  170. proposed new visa fees
  171. Entry clearance guidance
  172. Immigration Rules PAragraph 320 (1-21)
  173. Banned love
  174. Immigration Officials at Airport - request for evidence?
  175. Advice please
  176. NVQ info
  177. Info about student Visa refusal
  178. query regarding chest x-ray
  179. New restrictions on NVQ students in manila
  180. Voters 'want immigration level cut'
  181. Can someone help me or give me advice please..
  182. Hello Guys finally im in UK!
  183. Uk Migrants face tougher challenge to work, study or settle
  184. ILR question-arriving exactly 28 days upon getting visa
  185. Holidaying abroad during spouse visa term
  186. Maximum days allowed outside the UK
  187. Help Please - Uk Spousal Visa
  188. Family Visit Visa Refused
  189. Visa Refused
  190. visitors visa for spouse under 21
  191. Fiancee Visa and complications
  192. Migrants and students coming to the UK to pay a 50 levy
  193. how to apply NVQ and go in U.k??
  194. Asylum and Immigration Appeals Tribunal Case Study and Report.
  195. Collge and university in uk
  196. Leaving the UL: What happens after Spouse visa expires?
  197. spouse visa and unemployed
  198. CFO Requirements
  199. COA fee suspended
  200. How to spot a fake job offer
  201. Do I need a stamp from the Foreign & Commomwealth Office
  202. After the wedding,what's next?
  203. ilr
  204. Young Couple - PLEASE help
  205. Now we know......
  206. self employment VA4 question
  207. Phil Woolas - Minister of State
  208. needs advise for overstaying apply for spousal visa
  209. overstayer apply for spouse visa
  210. A parent on FLR and a child on tourist visa
  211. What are the courses classifed under Tier 1
  212. Little too late in the day.....
  213. Passport Amendment and Report of Marriage
  214. certificate of approval
  215. Medical
  216. help ! marriage in Scotland
  217. Just to double check - a few quieries
  218. birth certificate original or photo copy
  219. Fiancee Visa,passports, Spouse Visa ID Cards,application advice Misc Queries etc
  220. 6 month when does it start
  221. Surnames on the Identity card
  222. Welsh learner denied entry to UK
  223. Advice for a friend
  224. SPOUSE VISA re self employed
  225. spouse visa.
  226. Spouse Visa need further help
  227. in need of enlighhtenment
  228. Need your advices re: Spouse Visa
  229. pls. help! - an overstayer with a child to a british applying for fiance visa
  230. Nvq
  231. Health concern. . I am new here. .
  232. Flights?
  233. NVQ teaching assistant course
  234. ILR requirement on 2 years stay
  235. After arriving in UK, can wife return to Philippines for a wedding
  236. newsnight : 19yr old married to brit faces being deported
  237. annulment?
  238. Nvq ?
  239. Thousands attend MOVE Migration Expo in Manila
  240. Spouse visa advice finances
  241. Certificates of approval - policy for the return of application fees
  242. Visa approved!!!!!
  243. affect on the visa
  244. letter of support
  245. advice re- va4 checklist
  246. photos for uk embassy
  247. hilo.
  248. Residence stamp at old passport
  249. Immigration and asylum statistics released
  250. CFO Problem re divorce!