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  7. Looking for Female Penpal 20-30
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  29. mag alok ka ng pagkain sa bisita! (offer something like food to your visitors!)
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  54. you've been banned for free 100%
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  61. For Sale: Apple Iphone 3g 16gb golden eye for just $300usd
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  76. hello and have a good day to all in this forum
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  97. hi
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  104. hi want to have a seriuos relationship in here.. anyone?
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  109. are you the one?
  110. hi!
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  112. My Filipina pen friend is looking for someone special
  113. hello everyone..
  114. English man :)
  115. welshman
  116. welshman
  117. still looking
  118. hallo
  119. hallo asian girls:-)
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  122. still looking the sequel
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  127. i want Filipino woman x x
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  132. To Kamilla! re: filipina in enfield
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  134. Just wanted some Advice!
  135. If a tree falls over in a desert, will it make a sound?
  136. Can you RECOMMEN a Dating / Introductions Agency or Website ?
  137. Here I am!
  138. Here I am looking for my SOULMATE
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  140. Cambodia sets age limit for foreigners marrying its women
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  142. Hi from Phil
  143. First Date Is Most Important In Dating
  144. Hi Guys
  145. hi everyone...
  146. My sister in law
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  148. I'd like to meet pinoys!
  149. Hello all
  150. hello everyone..
  151. advice
  152. Nice to be back again!!!
  153. This is the thread for the broken-hearted...
  154. Looking for a nice filipina- can anyone introduce me?
  155. looking for love/friendship paul (50) from cambridge uk
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  157. Single and Looking ...
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  159. I'm looking for a sincere single Englishman, 35 years and up :)
  160. hello
  161. Hi, I'm new here - single male 39, looking for love
  162. Magic Vs. Logic
  163. Hi Im Tezzay from Cebu Philippines. I like to meet some friends here.
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  165. Myself
  166. long lasting love.
  167. Are British guys really easy to fall in-love with? then can you introduce me to one
  168. any teenager out there?
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  173. Beware of fake relationship & scam
  174. looking for filipina friends or friends here in southampton area or any area..
  175. I am a professional male looking for a beautiful Filipina in London and the southeast
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  177. new here
  178. looking for a friend
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  180. new
  181. have i said
  182. Valentino
  183. Warning against online dating
  184. 42% of Pinoy Internet users favor online dating: poll
  185. hi
  186. hello
  187. What do you think of a guy who is afraid to be married?
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  191. Does Love hurt?
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  193. I think he's a scammer.
  194. Looking for Lucrecia Verzosa
  195. New Life.
  196. i need you love>
  197. Im looking for a beautiful Filipino to be my princess -South east of UK.
  198. Looking for a filipina girl
  199. Robert C
  200. looking for simple man
  201. hi,im looking 4 a man 2 luv n luv me n return
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  203. Beautiful Filipina Sister
  204. when loneliness strike!
  205. Pinay girl in london or sussex
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  208. can i find here beautiful filipino princess?
  209. Hi, I'm Dave
  210. looking for love
  211. Hello there!
  212. looking for love.
  213. Princess is searching for her PRINCE.
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  216. 2013 Another Try
  217. Future Life Partner
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  219. To Find my other half
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  222. I thought i give it a try since i chatted with pinays for 15 years now
  223. Signs That May Help Identify a Dating Scam
  224. Hi I'm Haas
  225. Hi. My name is John and I am looking for my soulmate.
  226. Any lovely girls here in SE London
  227. looking for a Filipina friend in ABERDEEN
  228. Am looking my soulmate
  229. Looking for a nice man for my pal
  230. Looking for a Filipina
  231. I'm looking for love
  232. It's me Rhodora!
  233. looking for friendship that will blossom into a long term relationship with a cool relaxed Pinay.
  234. looking for love filipino scotland
  235. looking for love
  236. um...maybe i could find someone too, never know.....im in life so maybe i should live it ;)
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  238. Looking for a discreet relation
  239. Hi all
  240. hi everyone!
  241. Tips on a Profile
  242. Looking for relationship and friends
  243. This lovely young lady
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  246. Hey It's Jaice.
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