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  1. UK Divorce "What is involved" HOW TO ?
  2. Legal capacity
  3. Eval123
  4. fooled by immigration
  5. NSO Marriage Certificate, correction
  6. Rights to property in Philippines
  7. any success with annulment??
  8. (VISA) British-Filipina Marriage in Thailand
  9. Any wise advice and experience?
  10. Divorce in the Uk by Filipino Citizen
  11. Is a legal separation in the Philippines enough to obtain a fiancée visa for the UK?
  12. Annulment Articles
  13. File for UK Divorce whilst living in the Philippines
  14. PreNuptial Agreement
  15. Marriage in the Phillippines
  16. The best way?
  17. Annulment
  18. Please input
  19. Change Child Last Name..
  20. Working in the UK
  21. Local CNI
  22. Road Right of Way in Philippines!!!
  23. A right mess
  24. young couple needs help about visa to uk
  25. RE ILR VISA, help/advice needed.
  26. Student partime job
  27. Srrv
  28. Slightly Different Situation
  29. Getting married in Hong Kong?
  30. dependant visa
  31. Is it possible for a Filipino to get a divorce instead of annulment
  32. Do i need a return ticket??
  33. visa to amsterdam???
  34. Annulment in days?
  35. British Husband detained by Bureau of Immigration
  36. Foreigners Owning Real estate - Being Controversial.
  37. child's concern
  38. Filipino Held In Saudi Jail for Overstay
  39. BISHOPS COMMON LICENCE The Right To Marry In A UK Church Of England!!!!
  40. After Kimmi's Xmas gift - we got one too !
  41. badly need advice
  42. childs adoption
  43. Is my gf married?!!
  44. Do You Know Any Lawyers in Angeles City?
  45. Annulment in Davao
  46. Can't get married?
  47. wedding in the philippines
  48. Quick annulment question
  49. Philippine Embassy - FAQS
  50. Need to get spouse visa for UK quick!
  51. My fiance from France is disable
  52. Can i bring my illegitimate child?
  53. Annulment Trial Finally Over...
  54. The Philippine Embassy has moved
  55. Determining marriage status of someone in Philippines
  56. Are we married. . . .
  57. children's support
  58. Complicated!!
  59. Re: spouse want to study
  60. Flipina/British Married Couple working in Maldives
  61. my gratefulness to your replies
  62. wedding info
  63. Abandoned -Update!
  64. Re: child british citizenship
  65. Annulment And Re-marry
  66. visa extension
  67. Ilr
  68. what's Best way to stay in Philippines?
  69. Insolvency case
  70. which comes first?
  71. confused...
  72. Cousin Wants To Live and Work in UK
  73. what is correct way to invite somebody to U.S.?
  74. "double registration"
  75. i am abt to say goodbye to the UK
  76. its me sphinx again
  77. mutual decision on divorce
  78. Honeymoon
  79. How long does it take to get married in Philippines?
  80. visa conversion
  81. Help Needed on Fiance Visa
  82. Divorce situation...complicated.
  83. divorce
  84. need help badly pls
  85. need ur opinion guys ang gals
  86. Retirement in the Philippines - Major Concerns
  87. About the Entry of Judgement
  88. Passport question
  89. BIA website "Firm but fair new rules for short-term visitors to the UK"
  90. foreign ownership of land, dual citizenship & foreigners becoming Filipino citizens
  91. Applicant's Details on FLR Form
  92. does anyone knows about scotland disclosure?
  93. CNI Affidavit
  94. How quick for an annulment?
  95. do i need to get a visa for a holiday in europe?
  96. Annulment Documents for Visa?
  97. Sole Responsibility.......re the kids
  98. FLR approved
  99. one way or return airline ticket?
  100. question....
  101. CFO, what is their purpose, can an interviewee fail ?
  102. How much does it cost to get married in England
  103. Inheritance Tax in Philippines!
  104. british driving license
  105. About UK Immigration and visa information Required
  106. any idea?
  107. Want to live and work in Philippines
  108. Does UK turn down visa for genuine Filipino backpackers?
  109. question: student visa extension
  110. Birth Cert of My Daughter
  111. Changing your name in UK
  112. Name change after Marriage in Phils
  113. Spouse visa -: providing extra info
  114. visit visa to working visa
  115. marriage registration
  116. Spain, Marriage registration
  117. Experience of application processing time? - visa for kids to come to uk...
  118. Birth certificate
  119. Question Please.
  120. What's your Interpretation on this article
  121. Serious advice please.
  122. N B I Certifcate, applying from outside Philippines
  123. Buying a (p)lot of land? Where to start?
  124. Ammending the Passport of a Filipino Minor
  125. Passport information- Frequently Ask Question
  126. Grounds for Annulment in the Philippines
  127. Social Security System: Maternity Benefits
  128. need help
  129. Re: Child British passport
  130. For those Annulled...Single or Dissolved Partnership?
  131. £190 Health Maternity Grant
  132. Who qualify for the £190 Health in Pregnancy Grant?
  133. Spanish Nationality Application
  134. NBI Copy and Personal copy
  135. CFO: Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act of 2003
  136. Refusal for wife to leave RoP on settlement visa without a return flight ticket.
  137. How long is the pre-marriage "counselling" valid for?
  138. EEA or British
  139. Employed Working Permit Visa Holder
  140. Petition Visa, anyone heard of these
  141. fiancee under 25 getting married
  142. im glad i registerd here
  143. blahblahblah Legal - Personal Injury Claims Specialist
  144. Getting Married
  145. visa application
  146. Application for British Citizenship
  147. Registrar General
  148. Oyster Cards Fines Watch Out
  149. Bit confused over the marriage certificate
  150. Is Same Day Service good?
  151. Hello & can I ask a question about adoption
  152. help me please. spouse visa
  153. Child Tax Credit Award
  154. Obtaining a Replacement Marriage Certificate from NSO
  155. National DNA Database
  156. Am I Right?
  157. CFO Seminar: when????
  158. need advice
  159. Certificate??
  160. urgent need advice please !
  161. urgent need advice please !
  162. need proper advice
  163. British detained in the Philippines
  164. I need someone to talk to
  165. Lawyer in Cagayan De Oro
  166. i need help
  167. Re: Divorce
  168. Seeking Good / Trustworthy Lawyer in Davao City / Surrounding Area
  169. Visa Confusion
  170. help me
  171. Advice on Annulment
  172. Fiance Visa to UK
  173. Advice regarding how much land can I own Im a dual citizen!!!
  174. annulment in tacloban
  175. Work & Study Programs in the UK--legal or not?
  176. Am I legaly married??
  177. Child British Passport
  178. CNI problem?
  179. Annulment
  180. mother in-law.
  181. Judges raffling?
  182. help...petition for recognition of divorce
  183. sneaky spouse visa....
  184. British/ other Foreigners Facing legal problems in the Philippines
  185. Divorce
  186. Fiancee Visa through Solicitors to UK Sep.09
  187. authorisation of uk marriage certificate
  188. visa application
  189. Re-VA4 and Passport
  190. Sending passport Philippines help
  191. What employers have to see
  192. Re: UK Passports
  193. Settlement Visa Processing Times
  194. Life in the UK Test Made Easy
  195. spouse visa on disability
  196. Childs passport info
  197. passports marraige an visas
  198. Ids for Passport needed ??
  199. Supporting letter and docs for parents family visa
  200. Help-U.S. permanent residence visit UK for daughter's marriage
  201. Yahoo Chat Logs on USB Stick
  202. I really need advice /help
  203. Ilr
  204. Visit Philippines or save for Visa
  205. Birth Registration Guidance
  206. Guidance Notes for the Settlement Visa (VAF4A Dec 2008).
  207. Domestic worker visa to work permit
  208. stressed
  209. Do I need to have my documents apostiled?
  210. Any UK citizen got a mortgage in the phils ?
  211. advice re annulment issue
  212. advice for new member
  213. divorce registration
  214. divorcing my husband without residency
  215. philippine visitors visa application
  216. (CNI) Certificate of No Impediment
  217. land tax payment
  218. Pls help "Sole responsibility"
  219. Clearing the Snow
  220. legal marraige?
  221. help me please
  222. I am a filipina married to british subject and want my daughter to join me
  223. marriage contract from the NSO
  224. Pinoys in UK urged to shift to machine-readable passport
  225. Leaving date?!
  226. visa for emma
  227. help needed regarding fiancee visa
  228. cost of the visa for emma
  229. visa prices..
  230. Any Investors in the Phillipines Read First
  231. help please....
  232. can i have your help again plssssss..ty
  233. what forms do we need
  234. VISA check list
  235. Waiting
  236. DWP, No Medical cover for widows
  237. may require legal advice
  238. Cenomar Paranoia
  239. a few visa questions
  241. Annulment: Missed Hearing?
  242. certain types of pic and docs...
  243. Need opinion and advice please
  244. Emmerdale
  245. advice
  246. confused.......
  247. URGENT what does the VISA look like?
  248. using surname of husband
  249. Wrong Sex on Birth Certificate
  250. School Doesn’t Like to Refund Tuition Fee, Help Please.