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    Booking a room in Manila: difference between booking.com and AirBnb

    I'll travel soon to Philippines for the first time and I'm planning to stay for a week in Manila.
    I'm searching for a room now, for two people, and I was looking on Booking.com and AirBnb.
    On AirBnb seems there are cheaper room and with 25 / night I can get a very nice room for two people. Booking.com looks like is more expensive.
    Do you know why? What's the difference? Can I trust AirBnb?
    Thank you,

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    Which part of Manila is it in?

    Never used AirBnb. I usually use Agoda.

    A standard room in the Oasis Paco Park Hotel is fairly cheap, as it is at a few establishments close to the airport.

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    I have used Air B'n'B a few times this trip (not Philippines) had a great place with an infinity pool. I find the apartment/house descriptions accurate

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