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    Respected Member Ako Si Jamie's Avatar
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    Spring is finally here

    Not a bad day today and it's going to get better apparently. Not sure what the weather lies ahead for all of the UK but the Midlands is set to hit 24 degrees on Thursday.
    <<<< Me at the Taal Volcano in Tagaytay (November 2013). On this particularly visit to Pinas I arrived in Manila the day after Typhoon Yolanda wreaked havoc further south.

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    I phoned Canada earlier,theres still 16 inches of ice on the lake near my mates house,yup to them that's a sign of spring as theres normally 36 inches

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    Respected Member Slip's Avatar
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    Typical, just had a week off from work. Did sod all due to the mist all week in Leicestershire. Back to work Monday and the weather gets better.
    At least I'm on the 6am-2pm shift

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    Respected Member Michael Parnham's Avatar
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    Already got a pond full of tadpoles. Noticed the spawn three weeks ago and thought the frost we had recently would have destroyed it but apparently not. Going to creosote the remaining fencing today that didn't get finished last year

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