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    Process for an English person to marry in the Philippines?

    A friend of mine is getting married, in the Philippines. He's been picking my brains on how I went about it. However mine was in 2014 and I know it has changed since then regarding having to go to the registry office in the UK and getting a CENOMAR. In actual fact I didn't need one, but where I got married that news hadn't filtered through, so got one to be on the safe side, lucky I did as they asked for it.

    Anyway can someone let me know the process from start to end now in 2018, as I think some of the threads here are out of date.


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    I can tell you the bit he needs to do. He needs to make an appointment at the British Embassy in Manila, and take with him, 1. Proof of Identity, 2. Evidence of his home address in the UK, and 3. A Completed Affidavit or Affirmation. The Embassy will then issue him with the signed/stamped document to say he is free to marry in the Philippines. This is at a cost of 3,500 Php. This is the only way he can get his documentation to marry in Phils. His partner then needs to get a few things together to say she is free to marry in Phils, which she should take to her Local Registry Office, get an application form to marry and a licence will be issued in 10 days. That's as much as I know..


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    Yes, that's what I/We had to do in 2015 Harry.

    Best that the bride-to-be also finds out what her particular local town hall/church require... as it can vary slightly.

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