How to get divorced in the UK if the wife/husband lives in the Philippines?

If the marriage took place in the Philippines and both husband and wife are Filipinos, their marriage must be annulled in the Philippines. This also applies even if one of them live in the UK and naturalised as British. Divorce acquired in the UK will not be valid in the Philippines.

If you are a Filipino citizen in the UK and wants to divorce your Filipino husband, this can be done provided you understand that according to Philippine Law you will still be considered as "married" in the Philippines.

Some will want to get divorced in order to get married to a British citizen in the UK. My advice will always be to file an annulment in the Philippines because it will cost you at least over £1,100 to get a divorce in the UK and the decree absolute will only apply in the UK, whereas the annulment will both apply in the Philippines and the UK.

Credits to: Pinoy UK Immigration Problems and Solutions Fb Group