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    Question Spain Schengen Visa Question.

    Hi All,

    I have seen this on the Spanish Visa website and it seems to suggest that I do not need to get a Visa for my Wife?

    6. Under Directive 2004/38/EC and according to Real Decreto 240/2007, 16 February, family members of an EU/EEA national in possession of a valid UK Residence Card specifying its condition as a family member do not require a visa to enter Spain when travelling with the EU/EEA National or joining him/her in Spain. Otherwise, a visa will be still required (Real Decreto 1161/2009, 10th July 2009). For spouses and/or children of Spanish Nationals the above condition applies provided that the marriage and/or birth is registered according with the Spanish Civil Register (original Libro de Familia). Please note, that the UK Residence Permit must state literally that the holder is a family member of an EU/EEA National. If not, a visa is required.

    This information applies only to ordinary passports. All other nationalities, not listed above require a visa. "

    My Wife will be travelling with me, so I am confused as to whether she needs a Schengen or Spanish Visa to enter Spain. If she does then of course we will get a Schengen Visa as it opens up other Countries for travel.

    Can anyone answer this for me please?


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    Are you a British citizen or EU citizen? If you're British, unfortunately she has to apply for a 'Schengen Visa' and you need to travel with her. Requirements are easy enough and the fee is free, though you have to pay a small service charge.
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    Obviously the service charge only applies if you chose the optional external service provider (VFS, TLS etc.) instead of an application directly at the embassy.

    Also see my response here:

    But other than that, unless her residence card explicitly ' EU/EEA family member' (those who did or are doing the Surinder Sighn route will have such a permit) she cannot travel visa free. She will be eligible for a free visa, issued ASAP and with minimal hassle (the Spaniards never heard of no hassle though, they loveeee red tape and asking too many documents) etc. Also see: http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens...y/index_en.htm

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    Hi There,

    I have a British Passport so from what you say she will need a Schengen Visa.



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