I appreciate in general this has been covered many times but I am seeking up-to-date info from someone who has done this, or very similar recently.

I am British/Irish resident in Spain 30 years. My wife is Filipino with permanent residence status in Spain for 10 years. Her cousin Gemma wants to visit us in Spain.

Gemma is married but separated for 10 plus years. She has two children (13 and 10) who live with her in Phil. She owns a couple of building plots in Phil and has some money in a bank account in Phil. She has been supported by her English BF for about 9 years. He lives in UK. They hope to meet up in Spain. Gemma will travel alone, so her children in Phil, and her land holdings, will be an indication of her intention to return home.

I have read all the info re applying for a visa, so we do not need that reiterated.

If anyone has obtained a visa in similar circumstance, or been refused, I should be most grateful to hear your experiences.

Many thanks