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Thread: Is it Fraud ?

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    Respected Member Harry T's Avatar
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    Is it Fraud ?

    I will try to outline my case.
    3 years ago i moved down to Dorset for a number of reasons, but i found work as Setter/Supervisor over in Poole, that work came to an end, and i was 62.5 so off i went to the local Job Centre, i signed on and started going through the process of being on JSA ie applying for various jobs, and recording these applications, then i was asked if i wanted to go on a 6 week Training course to which i said yeah no problem, anyways when the course finished i was back on the applying for job rollercoaster again, and actually got offered a job but had to wait for my DBS check to be completed before i could start the job, in the meantime Im called in for an Interview at the Job centre, this is interview was supposedly to find out how my job searching was going. When it got to my turn in i went to the office to see the interviewer, and she said to me do you realise you are entitled to Pension Credit i replied no, she said its more money, and there is no requirement to be signing on every 2 weeks. So thats it the beginning of me going on to Pension Credit.

    When the Pension rules changed back in 2015, my Pension Credit was reduced by 40 per week because i am in Drawdown (Im not) but thats what they did, earlier this year they asked me to get confirmation that Im in drawdown from HL the Company that holds my pension pot, HL told them i am not actually in drawdown.

    Over the past 2 years i have taken Lump sums from that Pension pot, now Im worried that i may be liable to pay back this Pension Credit because of this Pension pot that i have. You may say nothing to worry about but i have only this week received a letter from the DWP telling me to sign a document which i have to forward on to HL, who then have to divulge my details to the DWP, Iv already told the DWP how much is in that Pension Fund, now they are asking what i have, have i taken any weekly/monthly payments etc etc, I can see what they are looking for.. they are looking to see if i am entitled to this Pension Credit, which they told me to claim in the first place.

    Stressful times right now, Im thinking what if i have to pay back this Pension Credit to the DWP? in my opinion they should be refunding me the 40 per week which they stopped, but from the wording of the letter that i received the DWP having seen my P60 from IR are investigating my Income, which can only mean they think i may not be entitled to Pension Credit, especially when its from the Fraud & Error Dept of the DWP.

    Remember prior to 2015 no-one could withdraw anything from their Pension Fund..

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    Trusted Member stevewool's Avatar
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    Sorry Harry, but if for any reason they have paid you anything over what you should receive, well you have to give it back.
    The only thing that may be in your favour is they did not give you the extra 40 that your mentioned.
    If it's wrong or right they are the best people to sort it out.
    Many years ago I was awarded child credits I did not asked for them and I did not want them either, but they gave them to me.
    Later they realised it was a mistake, and yes they wanted the whole amount back straight away.

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    Trusted Member grahamw48's Avatar
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    Pension credit is income-based. That is, they take into account any regular income you have, from whatever source, and that is deducted from your maximum entitlement figure (currently about 155 a week ?)

    I think as long as you have kept them informed of any income you've had, you'll be fine. They are maybe just trying to sort out their own 'books'.

    It is very rare that the Benefits people actually prosecute any minor 'mistakes'.... too expensive. I used to work for them.

    You need to nip down to Citizens Advice mate. Don't panic.

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    Good reply Graham...

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