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    American Armada.

    A few days ago, the Usa reported that it was sending the USS Carl Vinson, and a few other Ships to Korean waters, nowt wrong with that, but then there were reports, That China, and i think Russia had sent so called Spy ships, to monitor the movements of these Ships.
    It turns out that the USS Carl Vinson, is down near to Indonesian waters doing an exercise with the Aussie Navy, now who Invented the stories of Chinese Spy Ships monitoring the movements which obviously now are false. With the North Korean dictator being so trigger happy, these reports could have caused him to press buttons that could have had serious consequences...

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    Respected Member Longweekend's Avatar
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    Not like a politician to fabricate the truth Harry....

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    It was reported that Charlie drake and his armada was spotted of Plymouth, but i see no sheep's

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