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Thread: Quail Eggs

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    Quail Eggs

    We very often buy Quail Eggs and use them as an additional ingredient in many different food dishes.

    Actually Quail Eggs are not too expensive here being around P60 for 24 eggs

    A friend of my wife told her they are very unhealthy and ultra-high in cholesterol.
    She almost convinced my wife not to buy any more.

    I did some quick research and discovered that Quail eggs are almost a super egg given the health benefits.
    Yes they have high amounts of cholesterol.....but it's HDL cholesterol which is supposed to be good for you rather than the potentially harmful LDL cholesterol.

    Quail eggs seem to be very popular here. They were also very popular in Japan too.

    So we'll keep adding them on our shopping list as well as adding in our recipies.

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    I used to breed them (Quail) in my aviaries, when I lived in Angeles.

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